Top Consumer-Rated Air Purifiers for 2012

Blueair 650E Air PurifierJust in time to help you manage your symptoms through a pretty trying pollen season, a leading consumer reporting magazine has released its 2012 list of top consumer-rated air purifiers. Four of Sylvane’s bestselling models round out the top 5, with impressive ratings in allergen removal and noise level.  If you’re in the market for a room air purifier, be sure to check out these picks as you shop.

Best Buy – Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier

Whirlpool 510 Air PurifierReceiving the highest ratings out of 33 tested air purifiers, the Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier continues its streak as a Best Buy and best bang for your buck. Equipped with a true HEPA filter and a light carbon filter, the Whirlpool 510 received Excellent and Very Good ratings for allergen, pollen, and smoke removal on its highest and lowest speeds, respectively.

As noise level goes, at 40 decibels on its lowest speed, the 510 is just about as quiet as gentle falling rain—great for the overnight hours when you need a soothing sound to lull you to sleep. The Whirlpool Whispure 510 is designed to remove dust, allergens, and other particles from rooms up to 500 square feet.

Best Buy – Hunter PermaLife 30547 Air Purfier

Hunter 30547 PermaLife Air PurifierAlso not a stranger to high ratings, the Hunter PermaLife 30547 Air Purifier garnered Excellent and Very Good marks when tested to remove allergens, pollen, and smoke odors. With a permanent HEPA-like particle filter, a carbon pre-filter, and an onboard ionizer, the Hunter 30547 Air Cleaner removes 99.5% of dust and allergen impurities from your space. Its permanent PermaLife particle filter conserves your budget when it comes to purchasing replacement filters. Just vacuum the filter periodically to remove dust and particle build-up, no need to replace.

Added features like a programmable timer, remote control, and an LCD control panel give you more convenience when operating. The Hunter PermaLife 30547 is designed to remove allergens and impurities from spaces up to 510 square feet.

Recommended Buys – Blueair 503 and Blueair 650E Air Purifiers

Blueair 503 Air PurifierKnown for making eco-friendly and eye-catching air purifiers, Blueair received top filtration scores for its Blueair 503 Air Purifier and Blueair 650E Air Purifier. Both models are designed to remove allergens, dust, and smoke using a 3-stage particle filter while heavier smoke removal is possible when you add the optional Smokestop filter.

Along with super-efficient filtration, lots of convenient features, and modern housing, the 503 and 650E air purifiers are Energy Star-qualified and built with eco-friendly components. This helps them operate 40% more efficiently than conventional air cleaners and can save you up to $25 each year on your electric bills. Both receiving Excellent ratings for noise level on their lowest speeds—32 decibels, as quiet as a whisper!—the Blueair 503 and 650E models purify and control allergens in large rooms and spaces.

Need help choosing an air purifier? Check out our article 5 Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier for tips on how to choose.

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  1. Diana

    I got the best air purifier, which is the Winix PlasmaWave, from Amazon a couple of months back and it has worked wonders for me and my family. Got a great price-you will not be disappointed.

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