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Top Five Space Heaters


A good space heater is the best way to keep warm and toasty all winter without sending your heating bills through the roof. Portable heaters give you extra heat right where you need it – safely and efficiently.

Here’s our list of the top five space heaters for Winter 2008:

1. Vornado Touchstone Vortex Heater
Vornado Touchstone Vortex HeatersThe Vornado TouchStone Vortex heater produces a tornado-like air current that heats a room from floor to ceiling in just minutes. Its steel casing remains cool to the touch, and a tip-over switch automatically shuts off the heater if it’s accidentally knocked over. An LCD display, timer, and remote control make the heater easy to use, and it’s extremely quiet.
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2. DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater
DeLonghi Ceramic Tower HeatersCeramic heaters are known for their safety because they allow the heating elements to be encased in plastic, thus reducing the chance of fire. Overheat and tip-over protection makes this heater even safer. The DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater swivels back and forth like a fan to evenly heat a room. A fan-only mode allows you to use the unit for cooling during the summer, and an anti-freeze mode maintains the temperature above 45 degrees F to prevent pipes and other structures from freezing. Convenience features include a remote control, digital display, electronic thermostat, and timer. Thanks to its sleek tower design, this portable heater takes up very little space.
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3. Soleus Air Ultra-Slim Micathermic Heater

This flat-panel mica heater won the Best Space Heater award from ConsumerSearch. It is lightweight, slim, and very safe. The portable heater automatically shuts off if it gets tipped over or if it gets too hot. A splash guard allows you to safely use the Soleus mica panel heater in the bathroom (this is my favorite feature of the heater because I can’t stand stepping onto cold bathroom tiles after a hot shower). Wheels and handles make it easy to move this portable heater, and operation is completely silent. The Soleus Micathermic Heater is ideal for allergy sufferers because it does not contain a fan to stir up dust and other allergens.
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4. DeLonghi Vento Radiator Heater
DeLonghi Vento HeatersWhen it comes to oil-filled radiator heaters, this is the cream of the crop. Because of its unique radiator design, the Vento heats a room up to 40% faster than traditional radiator heaters. It also features the best modern conveniences like a programmable timer, automatic thermostat, anti-freeze setting, and overheat protection. The diathermic oil is permanently sealed inside the unit; it will never leak or need to be replaced.
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5. Soleus Air Oscillating Reflective Heater
Soleus Air Reflective HeatersIf you enjoy unique appliances, then you’ll love the Soleus Air Oscillating Reflective heater. This small, directional heater uses very little energy, and it does not produce any odors, chemicals, or fumes. Plus, it will never get hot enough to burn anyone. The Soleus reflective heater oscillates like a fan to produce instant, safe heat. Priced at less than sixty bucks, it’s also a great value!
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