Vacuuming like Judy Jetson

Neato Robotics XV-21 VacuumGrowing up, my regular chore was to vacuum the house each afternoon during the week and twice on Saturdays (once in the morning before watching cartoons and once in the evening after dinner.) While this daily ritual instilled in me a love for clean floors, it also made me cringe at the thought of vacuuming. Naturally, when robotic vacuums became popular, I was eager to reap the rewards of clean floors without the hassle of pushing around a clunky vacuum—they literally do the work for you!

My enthusiasm for robotic vacuums waned because some of the most popular models turned out to be more like sweepers than vacuums and still carried a hefty price tag. Upon my introduction to the Neato Robotics vacuum line these feelings changed completely. Featuring innovative technology, a low-profile design, and affordable price tag, these robotic vacuums easily clean places that you may have trouble reaching with a regular-size vacuum. Plus, the powerful suction effectively captures dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris from both soft and hard surfaces, including tile, vinyl, and hardwoods.

One of the best features of Neato vacuums is their use of infrared light. Unlike other robotic vacuums that seem to move aimlessly throughout the room, get stuck against walls, or spin endlessly in circles, Neato vacuums feature an infrared eye that scans its surroundings five times every second. This results in an effective map of the room for the vacuum to follow in order to systematically clean your entire floor area. Plus, the infrared light technology ensures that furniture remains safe from dings and knicks that other robotic vacuums can cause. In fact, the only thing the Neato leaves behind is a series of beautifully straight vacuum lines, indicative of thoroughly cleaned carpet.

What else do I love about Neato vacuums? Probably the fact that the machine is more like a vacuuming assistant than an ordinary cleaning device. I can easily program it to clean my floors at set times each day or week. If the Neato starts running low on battery power, I don’t have to take it back to the charging dock, wait for it to re-charge, and then place it where it left off. The Neato does all of that on its own!

If you’re ready to take your cleaning routine to the future, you have to try one of these vacuums. The Neato Robotics XV-11 is great for daily vacuuming needs and picking up dust and debris from your home.

However, if you have allergies and/or pets like I do, the Neato Robotics XV-21, which is designed specifically to trap pet dander and common allergens, might be a better choice. The XV-21 uses a bristle brush to trap and lift debris like pet hair from any flooring type, while its pleated air filter removes particles like mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

Both models represent a new, convenient way to clean your home, whether you have pets or not. Check out a video about the Neato vacuums below.

Do you currently use a Neato vacuum to clean your home? Tell us about your experiences with it.

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