Vapor Steam Cleaners: Dream Machines for Green Cleaning

Thanks to National Geographic and other news media outlets, more Americans are beginning to realize that toxic chemicals are all too common in modern, everyday life. From bottled water to cleaning supplies, hazardous chemicals leech into our lives and build up in our bodies.

Green cleaning, or chemical-free cleaning, not only protects the environment from toxic contamination, but it also protects your health! Because of the immensely popular green cleaning trend, even the most toxic chemical cleaning solutions are “going green” – at least in the design of their labels, if not in their composition. But cleaning solutions made from toxic chemicals are still harmful, no matter how green their labels may be.

Vapor Steam CleanersIf you’re wary of using toxic chemicals to clean your home, try a vapor steam cleaner.

Vapor steam cleaners harness the power of hot, “dry” steam to kill bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergens and germs.

Don’t confuse vapor steam cleaners with the carpet-cleaning machines sometimes referred to as “steam cleaners.” The carpet-cleaning machines are technically hot water extractors (they don’t actually use steam). Incidentally, we don’t recommend hot water extractors for carpet cleaning because they typically leave the carpet damp, setting the stage for mold growth.

Vapor steam cleaners, on the other hand, use a “dry” steam. Okay, technically, the steam is not 100% dry. After all, it is water vapor! But the water content of the steam is only about 5% – so it dries in minutes. This allows you to clean fabrics and furniture without leaving them damp.

Vapor steam cleaners are kind of like big cappuccino machines. An internal boiler heats water to up to 300 degrees F to produce dry steam. These mean, green cleaning machines can be used on almost any hard surface – like tile, grout, or glass – as well as soft surfaces like stuffed animals and auto interiors. (It’s important to regularly sanitize stuffed animals because they tend to accumulate dust mites.) For some people, the most exciting benefit of owning a vapor steam cleaner is that you can use it to clean jewelry and restore its original sparkle.

Hot steam from pure water is not only the safest, most environmentally friendly cleaning solution available, but it’s also much more effective (and cost-effective) than standard chemical cleaners. While chemicals are limited to surface cleaning, steam spreads out and penetrates deep into pores and crevices to kill all the hidden germs and allergens.

Vapor steam cleaning is cost-effective because, once you buy a steam cleaner, all you need is regular tap water. Just think about how much money you’ve spent over the years buying the same chemical cleaners over and over again. And think about how much money you’d save if you never had to buy another jug, spray bottle, or can! A vapor steam cleaner will save you thousands in the long-run, and it’s more effective and safer.

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