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Verilux Ultraviolet Sanitizer Reviews

Posted by John on October 18th, 2008

Verilux UV sanitizerImagine owning a magic wand that zaps away invisible germs like viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Now you really can! The Verilux CleanWave sanitizing light wand uses the power of UV-C light to sterilize a variety of surfaces.

For years now, hospitals have used germicidal UV light to safely sterilize surfaces without using dangerous chemicals. Now you can use this technology in your home. The Verilux light want is perfect for sanitizing kitchen counters, tabletops, remote controls, telephones, bathrooms, furniture, nurseries, and pet beds.

In 30 seconds or less, the UV wand kills 99.9% of allergy-causing and disease-causing germs. The light actually breaks down DNA and reproductive capabilities in bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold spores, and other germ; most organisms die instantly due to the collapse of internal cell structures.

Verilux travel sanitizerThe standard size Verilux UV sanitizer is 22 inches long, but there’s also a Verilux CleanWave travel wand. Just 10 inches long, the travel wand is easier to pack. And if you’re going to be staying in a hotel room, you’ll want a germicidal wand! Hotel rooms are hot spots for germs. I always clean the remote control and telephone whenever I get a new hotel room.

verilux small item sanitizers There’s also the Verilux small-item UV sanitizer. This countertop or tabletop unit is ideal for oral care items, baby toys, pacifiers, earrings, nail clippers, and other small items. The small sanitizer destroys virtually all germs in just minutes.

All of the Verilux sanitizers come with a safety shut off to protect you from the UV light. Note that you should never shine UV-C light into the eyes or onto skin, pets, plants, or food.

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