Amcor Portable Air Conditioners

Since you can’t be in two places at once, why waste electricity and money to cool down unoccupied rooms?

Amcor portable air conditioners easily roll from room to room, eliminating the need for multiple air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners, also known as spot coolers or swamp coolers, are much easier to install than window units. Simply clip the exhaust tube to the window kit, place it in a window, and close the window.

Since spot coolers collect condensation and send it outdoors, they dehumidify the air as well. Humidity plays a vital role in indoor air quality. If the humidity gets too high, dust mites and mold will begin to flourish indoors.

The more advanced Amcor air conditioners feature patented Auto-Drain NanoMist Technology so that you’ll never have to empty a drainage bucket. Just place the exhaust hose in the nearest window to send hot air and condensation outside.

Amcor room air conditioners are also popular for commercial applications like cooling offices, warehouses, server rooms, and telecom rooms.

Amcor spot coolersOrder the Amcor PLM14000-E Plasma Series Portable Air Conditioner today and get a $100 rebate! This unit features programmable, digital controls, a remote control, and improved air filtration. Note: This is a limited-time offer, so you must act now to save.

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