Vornado Heater Stands Up to Cold Winter Temperatures

Vornado PVH Panel Vortex HeaterWhen the weather forecast called for a wintry mix on January 9, like many Atlantans, I sat back and eagerly anticipated a snow day. I was definitely not prepared for multiple days of being stuck in my house. However, one positive outcome has resulted from what some are calling “Snowpocalypse”. Choosing a Vornado heater to keep my bedroom warm and toasty was a great decision.

Although my bedroom is a large, open space in a loft without central heating, I like to keep it as cozy and comfortable as possible. So, a powerful yet quiet space heater is a necessity to achieve these results. To keep with the minimal, modern décor of my room, I chose the Vornado PVH Space Heater.

Featuring a black body with silver trim and a slim design, the Vornado PVH Vortex heater doesn’t stand out in my bedroom. In fact, it blends perfectly. Since it only weighs 12 pounds and comes with a convenient carrying handle, I can move it anywhere that I need supplemental heat.

Speaking of heat—like all Vornado heaters, the Vornado PVH uses innovative Vortex technology to distribute heat evenly and quietly throughout my room. Unlike other space heaters that only heat the area directly in front of the unit, Vortex action circulates air throughout your environment in a tornado-like fashion for a whole-room heating ability. This unique airflow design allows the Vornado PVH whole-room heater to use less energy to maintain the comfort of your room.

In addition to serious whole-room heating capacity, the Vornado PVH also comes with easy-to-use manual controls, two convenient heat settings, automatic tip-over protection, a cool-touch body, and more.

While the Vornado PVH is perfect for my needs, you might be looking for something a little different. Check out our top-rated heaters, which have been ranked highly by a leading consumer reporting agency.

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