Welcoming Pets Inside – Without Sacrificing Indoor Air Quality!

Reduce pet allergies in the home.The weather is cooling down, and for many of us, that means our pets will be spending much more time inside. Unfortunately, our beloved furry friends can bring in a lot of allergens – especially when it comes to their hair and dander.

Even those of us who don’t have these allergies should aim to diminish pet hair and dander in the home to keep the indoor air as pure as possible. Plus your pet-allergic friends will thank you!

Fortunately, we can enjoy our pets’ company without suffering from reduced indoor air quality.

Allergy-Reducing Practices

There are a few habits you’ll want to start following if you’re going to have your pets indoors. These habits will help keep the air cleaner if you keep up with them.

  • Brush your pet often to remove extra hair.
  • Vacuum daily with a pet-specific vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair and dander from floors and furniture.
  • Dust regularly to remove dander and other debris from hard surfaces.
  • Don’t allow pets on furniture or beds.

Purifying Indoor Air With Pet-Friendly Plants and Tools

To thoroughly diminish the air pollution  as you have pets in the home, you can also implement some purifying devices and plants as well. A HEPA air purifier specifically made for homes with pets can help to not only reduce air pollutants, but odors as well.

You might also consider adding some air purifying plants, as well – but be sure to only choose those that are pet friendly! Following are some great options.

  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • African Violet
  • Areca Palm
  • Banana Plant

If you have visitors with pet allergies, it would  be nice to offer them freshly washed bedding and pillows—even if you follow everything else in this article. Allergic reactions are no fun!

I don’t have pet allergies, and I’m very thankful for that. I’m curious – for those of you who do, have you noticed pet owners being sensitive to that when you visit their homes? Leave a comment and fill me in!
Photo Credit: “Dog Daydreams” by Scott King on Flickr. CC Licensed.


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