New Window Air Conditioners From Sylvane

Sunpentown WA-8291S Window Air Conditioner The summer of 2009 has officially begun. To help increase your comfort level this season, we have introduced another option for weathering those toasty – and often unforgiving – temperatures. Along with our wide variety of freestanding portable air conditioners, we offer a great selection of highly efficient and economical window air conditioners.

Window AC units are room air conditioners designed to cool areas in your home, office, or business evenly and comfortably. These self-contained appliances are most often installed inside standard double-hung windows, but some units can be configured to install through a wall if you don’t have a window available.

Friedrich X-Star XQ05L10A Window Air Conditioner When compared to portable AC units, window air conditioners can be slightly more efficient, partly because their heat-generating exhaust systems sit outdoors as opposed to inside a room. They provide powerful and flexible cooling that is easy to control using a host of intuitive features.

To learn more about window ACs, read our new article 5 Things To Consider When Buying A Window Air Conditioner. Then, browse our new Energy Star-rated units including the Friedrich X-Star and Sunpentown models. Look for more units to be added to our offerings in the coming weeks.

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