Coming Soon: The World’s Smartest Heater

Vornado TouchStone Vortex HeatersI’ve encountered a few semi-intelligent heaters – but none as smart as the Vornado TVH600 TouchStone Vortex Heater.

What makes it the world’s smartest heater?

While other smart heaters may be able to sense the room temperature, their sensors are located on the heating unit itself; of course, the space surrounding the heater will be warmer than the rest of the room. The Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heater takes this into account: its temperature sensor is located on the remote control for a truly intelligent reading!

The remote control continuously monitors the temperature and sends information back to the heater, which adjusts the temperature accordingly. Just keep the remote control on hand, and the heater will know exactly how to keep you comfortable.

But that’s not all… This small, portable heater employes Vortex technology to quickly circulate warm air throughout an entire room, from floor to ceiling. Automatic climate control and an LCD touch screen, combined with the smart remote control, make the Vornado TVH600 the world’s most technologically advanced space heater. And during the summer, you can use the heater as a cool air fan!

These heaters will be in stock later this week! Reserve yours before they sell out!

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