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How To Choose the Right Size Dehumidifier

DeLonghi DD70P Dehumidifier In Use

If you've decided you'd like to buy a portable dehumidifier, the first question you should ask yourself is "What size dehumidifier do I need?" Answering this question is simple—if you have the right information at your fingertips. We can help you with that. Read on to learn how to select the right size dehumidifier for your needs.

How Dehumidifiers Are Sized

A dehumidifier's size is determined by its total capacity to remove moisture. Capacity is rated in pints of moisture removed per day, or 24-hour period. So, for example, when you see a "30-pint dehumidifier," you're looking at a model that is rated to remove 30 pints of moisture total per day. A dehumidifier's capacity loosely indicates how large of a space it will cover in square feet. Therefore, if you know the square footage of the area you'd like to dehumidify, you can get a loose idea of the capacity you will need. 

Consider Room Conditions

Choosing a dehumidifier based on the size of your space and its capacity alone isn't enough, however. To find the absolute best solution, you'll also need to consider your room's conditions. Start by asking yourself, "How damp is my space?" If it's only a little damp, you can probably stick with the rated capacity for your square footage. If it's pretty damp, you'll need to choose a unit with a little more capacity. If you're dealing with an extremely wet space, you'll definitely need a large capacity unit.

Use Our Handy Dehumidifier Sizing Chart

To help simplify your search even further, we've created a handy dehumidifier sizing chart. Use it as a guideline as you shop for a model.

Dehumidifier Sizing Chart

The pint recommendations above are based on manufacturer-stated capacities in varying testing conditions. If you will be using your dehumidifier in a tough environment with very damp conditions, look for a dehumidifier with your recommended pint capacity tested at AHAM conditions (average humidity conditions of 60%) instead of saturation (100% humidity)‚Äč.  A model able to remove 70 pints of water when the air is saturated, for example, is much less robust than a model able to remove 70 pints of water at AHAM conditions.

Other Considerations:

If any of the below factors are true for you, you'll want to choose a unit with a higher capacity.

  • If your home is located in a humid climate, add 10 pints.
  • If multiple people live or will spend time in the space, add 5 pints.
  • If there are multiple doors and windows in the space, add 5 pints.
  • If there's a washer and dryer nearby, add 5 pints.

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Still Have Questions?

We know choosing a dehumidifier isn't an easy decision. To learn more about dehumidifiers, visit our Dehumidifier Knowledge Center. Not sure what's best for you? We can take the guesswork out of decision-making. Call us at 800-934-9194. We want to help make your indoors healthy and comfortable.

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