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comfort-aire dehumidifier bhd-501

Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H 50 Pint Dehumidifier

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  • Product Overview

    If you’re looking for a medium-capacity, low-temperature dehumidifier to combat excess moisture in your home or office, look no further than the Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H and BHDP-501-H Dehumidifiers. These models are eco-friendly solutions for lowering humidity in small- to medium-sized spaces. Both models are Energy Star-compliant and rated to remove 50 pints of water per day in temperatures down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Two models are available:

    • Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H - The Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H includes a continuous gravity drain port for continuous gravity draining.
    • Comfort-Aire BHDP-501-H - The Comfort-Aire BHDP-501-H includes an internal condensate pump for automatic pumped drainage upward or across longer distances. 

    These Comfort Aire dehumidifiers include a variety of bonus features such as a digital control panel, overflow shut-off protection, automatic defrost, a compressor time delay, and auto restart to make operation and maintenance simple and convenient. In addition, both come fully equipped with durable caster wheels, a reusable air filter, a drainage hose adapter, a condensation drain bucket, built-in handles, and a cord storage system.

    Control Damaging Humidity

    Humidity in your home or office—the result of excess moisture in the air—can lead to musty odors, mold, mildew, and even structural damage. The result is a harmful indoor environment that can cause discomfort and trigger allergy symptoms. When excessive moisture is your problem, an effective residential dehumidifier is the answer. The BHD-501-H and BHDP-501-H are ideal solutions for those who:

    • Want to combat excessive moisture in the air

    • Need to eliminate a musty smell from a room or basement

    • Have a small- to medium-size area that needs to be dehumidified, but is constantly cool

    • Want a preventative measure in place to avoid mold or mildew problems

    User-Friendly Digital Display

    These Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers come loaded with a digital control panel and straightforward touch-buttons. These easy-to-use controls, located on top of the dehumidifier for easy accessibility, make operating the unit effortless. With the simple press of a button you can program your portable dehumidifier for continuous operation, switch to a higher fan speed, set the programmable timer, and adjust the settings to your ideal humidity level. In addition, the digital control pad always displays an accurate humidity level in your space within a range of 30 percent relative humidity (RH) to 90 percent RH.

    Intuitive Safety Features

    Nothing says convenience like automatic enhancements that practically do the work for you. Intelligently designed with the capability to operate independently, these safety features function to protect you and your home and to help extend the life of your BHD-501-H/BHDP-501-H dehumidifier:

    Auto Defrost
    Frost can begin to build up on the evaporator coils of your dehumidifier when operating in low temperatures. This can eventually damage the dehumidifier. However, Comfort-Aire’s auto defrost feature cycles the compressor on and off and runs the fan until the frost disappears, shielding the dehumidifier from potential damage.

    Indicator Lights
    LED indicator lights—including a check-filter indicator, which illuminates when it’s time to clean the filter; and a bucket-full indicator, which notifies you when the condensate drainage bucket is full—ensure that your Comfort-Aire dehumidifier is performing in optimum efficiency.

    Auto Shut-Off
    When water fills the condensate container, an indicator light on the electronic panel will signal that the bucket is full. The dehumidifier will shut off automatically and resume operation when the bucket is emptied.

    3-Minute Compressor Time Delay
    To protect the compressor, a 3-minute delay prevents the dehumidifier from starting prematurely. During a time delay, the dehumidifier cannot restart within the first 3 minutes after it has stopped. This function also protects your compressor from being abruptly stopped, which may cause internal damage. The BHD-501-H dehumidifier only stops immediately due to frost buildup, a full condensate bucket, or power failure.

    Auto Restart
    In the event that a power outage occurs in your home or office, the auto restart feature will automatically resume the dehumidifier’s operation. Once the power is restored, the dehumidifier will restart in the last setting used.

    Alternative Drainage Solutions

    During the dehumidification process, excess water that accumulates is either collected in the Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H’s convenient front-loading water bucket or can be automatically emptied using a drainage hose (not included). To remove the excess water manually, use the built-in carrying handle to lift the bucket and simply empty the water when the bucket-full indicator light glows. To set up continuous drainage, attach a drainage hose to the dehumidifier using the included adapter. You can often use a standard garden hose or a dehumidifier drainage hose that can be purchased inexpensively from home improvement stores. This allows you to continuously drain collected water into a convenient location, such as a nearby drain.

    If water needs to be pumped up vertically for removal, such as when the system is placed in a basement, the Comfort Aire BHDP-501-H is a good choice. This model contains a condensate pump that provides up to 16.4 feet of vertical lift and comes with 16.4 feet of flexible drainage tubing.

    Additional Highlights

    • Energy Efficient: Comfort-Aire produces Energy Star-Rated dehumidifiers that solve the humidity problem in your home without creating pollution or consuming excess energy.

    • Handy Design: Weighing less than 40 pounds, this low-temperature dehumidifier has rotating caster wheels and side-grip handles, giving you the option to remove excess moisture in multiple rooms.

    • Washable Filter: The BHD-501-H/BHDP-501-H contains a side-mounted, slide-out air filter that can be easily removed, cleaned, and reused to minimize the amount of airborne debris and pollutants that enter your dehumidifier and your space.

    • Quiet Operation: The turbo fan on this residential dehumidifier has two fan speed settings – high and normal—that effectively push air in and out of the air grilles with little noise.

    • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant: This portable dehumidifier uses R-410A refrigerant, a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    1 Year on Unit, 5 Years on Sealed System

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers - 2015 Brochure
    Information about Comfort-Aire's BHD-H Series Dehumidifiers
    Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H Dehumidifier Owner's Manual
    Includes operating instructions, safety information, and maintenance guidelines.

    What's In The Box?

    • Comfort-Aire BHD-501-H or BHDP-501-H Dehumidifier
    • Casters
    • Drainage Hose Adapter
    • Drain Hose
    • Owner's Manual

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  • Specifications

    Residential UseSingle Room
    Manufacturer-Stated Capacity50 pints
    Low Temperature Operation (41 degrees F and Under)Yes
    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size 575 sq. ft.
    Practical Room Size 800 sq. ft.
    Energy StarYes
    Energy Factor1.85 L/kWh
    AHAM-Verified No
    Lowest Operating Temperature41 degrees
    Height24.5 in.
    Width15.5 in.
    Depth12.625 in.
    Weight38.6 lbs.
    Water ContainerYes
    Water Container Capacity12.7 pints
    Full Bucket Indicator/Auto ShutoffYes
    Internal Condensate Pump
    • 50 Pint: No
    • 50 Pint with Pump: Yes
    Continuous Drain CapableYes
    Drain Hose IncludedNo
    Humidistat Yes
    Automatic DefrostYes
    Fan Operation Runs Only When Dehumidifying
    Number of Fan Speeds2
    Maximum Noise Level55 dB
    Number of Filters1
    Filter TypeWashable slide-out filter
    Auto Restart On Power FailureYes
    Refrigerant TypeR-410A
    Maximum Amperage4.7 Amps
    Maximum Wattage520 W
    Voltage110-120 V
    Safety CertificationsUL
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