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Customer Testimonials

I would like to take the time to thank you folks. I checked out your web site it was very informative and a great help to me deciding on what unit to buy. I received the unit on the day it was supposed to be delivered. It is working right now doing exactly what I wanted it to do! There was some sort of problem with my billing address and shipping address and one of your representatives called me to make sure the billing information was correct. I thanked the fellow for calling to confirm the card number and my address. He told me some customers would take offence on re checking their billing information. I assured him that I was pleased to know that your company took the time to one, confirm my account and make sure I was in fact who I said I was! Thank you again for a great product and it was a true pleasure doing business with a company that I feel really cares about the customer?s needs and security. To Sylvane and the whole staff. Thank You!

Edward C. from Eustis, FL

I am so pleased with my choice of Sylvane for not only this purchase, but the likelihood of a long future relationship, I have been encouraging family and friends to place the Sylvane web site in their favorites for future reference. I know they will have the same satisfaction with a future purchase like I had. I know I can guarantee you my business in the years to come.

Ralph P. from Wellington, OH

It is a beautiful thing when customer service actually means something to a company, and one of the main reasons I will continue to do business with Sylvane, thank you very much for your quick response.

Bobby K from Reading, PA

Thank you. I recently purchased a Danby Dehumidifier after reviewing an article on Consumer Reports website. Your sales person was very professional and answered all my questions. The best surprise was after ordering on a Thursday morning and not expecting the product until Monday, it arrived on Friday afternoon - the next day. Wow!!! I've had it operating for over 1 week and am very satisfied with the product and your online store. Thanks for making a difficult process work well!

Jerry R. from NJ

Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply. Your service is excellent and you'll have my business in the future.

John M. from Columbia, CA

I wanted to compliment you on your incredibly speedy service. I ordered the air purifier on Wednesday and received it Thursday afternoon. I'm very impressed. Thanks so much.

Mary G. from Towson, MD

I am delighted to report that the new unit works perfectly and your company has been excellent about customer service. Thanks.

Betsy F. from Elmira, NY

Thank you very much Stacey and Sylvane for your quick response and handling! Great customer service with this customer care case and when I have called before with questions about the product I purchased.

Cherylin L. from Hawthorne, CA

Once Again, I could not have gotten this product any faster if it was available next door. Incredible service...Thanks Again!

Mike F. from Grasonville, MD

Thank you for your professional service. It is refreshing to deal with people like yourself. I look forward to dealing with your company for future needs. Best regards.

Bachir S. from Harleysville, PA

Thank You, Thank You for your excellent, super and professional service with my recent order for my IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier. Your prices and terms are the BEST. I received my IQAir Purifier with the additional filters dead on time as promised. The installation was a breeze, thank you for being the BEST INTERNET WEB SITE. We will certainly pass on the word to all our friends. We shall definitely seek your opinion on a Vacuum at a later date. Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN.

Philip R. from Plantation, FL

I gotta let you folks know how very impressed I am with your service. My order was processed and shipped ON THE SAME DAY that you received it. It's obvious that you not only promise good service - you provide it! I would gladly recommend your company to my friends . . . and I will.

Steve W. from Bethany, OK

The de-humidifier arrived in good condition and on time. Thank you for great service.

Michael G. from Bevier, MO

Thank you! Everyone at your company has been so helpful.

K.D. from New York, NY

Thank you for promptly handling my return issue. You never know what you're going to get if you have to return a product. Needless to say it was a pleasant surprise to have it handled so quickly. Sylvane will be an easy referral for me. Thanks again.

John T. from Nashville, TN

I want to thank you for the fast delivery and in special for the quality of your delivery services. Even though I left a pallet in the driveway with Fedex Delivery mention attached, the package was brought just in front of my door, saving me the effort to climb some 6 steps loaded with 70 pounds. I am 60 years old, but even I was younger I would certainly appreciate this. Thanks again.

Octavian G. from Colonial Heights, VA

Thanks - filter arrived today - great service - expect my business in the future. I sure can't say the same about some online vendors I have ordered from.

Mary N. from Oceanshores, WA

Sylvane, This is to thank you for the great support provided by Mary and Jamica of your customer service organization. To rectify a mistake that was solely my fault, these ladies went way beyond the call of duty and kept me out of trouble with my employer when I accidentally used my corporate card for a personal purchase. They have earned my business. I look forward to the next opportunity to do business with you.

Jim H. from Potomac, MD

Your service (even though I didn't really have to use it to its full extent) was top notch. I called on a weekend and got a service rep on the phone and he answered a few questions for me. Your 30 day money back guarantee made me comfortable with the purchase in the event it did not live up to my expectations. The shipping was extremely fast and damage free. I placed the order when the unit was on backorder, and on your website, it said it's estimated shipping date was Friday. It shipped on Friday exactly when you guys said it would- I know it seems logical that that would be the case, but, in many industries and other orders, an estimated shipping date is hardly accurate. In short, thanks very much, I've recommended your site to a coworker. I'm sure you'll see an order from him soon.

Kyle M. from Buckingham, PA

My shipment arrived on Tuesday. Unbelievable... I ordered it mid-day Monday. u guys are in the fast lane.

Russ R. from Bluebell, PA

All 14 units for my two orders arrived today. Fantastic service. Less than a week from order to delivery of 14 air conditioners, during the summer no less! Many, many thanks!

Patrick B. from Flagstaff, AZ

Ordered unit on a Friday and recieved it the next Friday. Great service due to the week having a holliday in it and a weekend also. Unit is very attractive and works great. SURE WILL RECOMMEND YOU.

Jerry W. from Shreve, OH

I just want to express to you that your company's (Sylvane) customer service is awesome! It has been some time since I experienced customer service that is efficient, courteous and quick to respond. I actually felt like an important customer and had no sense I was going to fall through the customer service cracks. I will definitely highly recommend Sylvane to all my friends and colleagues. This amazing customer service is a prime example that one should expect from any business. You guys kick butts! Thank you thank you thank you.

Jimmy R. from Salt Lake City, UT

Steve - Thanks so much. I really appreciate the good customer service from your company in regards to this entire transaction.

S.Meister. from Chicago, IL

Stacey - I'd appreciate the name of a person that I contact in the company to tell him of your interest and time to assist me. I'd like to write a letter or send an email to praise your efforts!! What an excellent employee you are!!

Genevieve J. from Fairfax, VA

I purchased a Santa Fe Advance from you in late 2005 and love the machine. I feel after a year of use I can now recommend to my friends the closed crawl space and dehumidifier system I installed in my very damp and mildew ridden crawlspace. It is now maintained at 60% humidity and is always dry even on the most humid and hot day in the summer when the AC ducts use to sweat, drip and created puddles of condensation under my home. I have several friends with the same problem I used to have. Right now I have one friend who would like to know the current price of the dehumidifier delivered to Goose Creek, SC 29445. If you could please let me know I will pass the information on to him. Thanks for a great product and I will be in touch soon for a replacement filter.

Randy M. from Goose Creek, SC

This is the very best product I have ever purchased! The sales & service were incredible. My daughter & I can now live together in harmony, while I smoke & she smells nothing at all. I can breathe now; it feels like I'm outside in the fresh air. This product has brought peace to our home & you can't put a value on peace.

Roseann L. from Niagara Falls, Canada

Thanks Doug, I appreciate your efforts and good customer service.?Any company would benefit by having you as their rep.

John N. from Yorktown, PA

I wanted to provide positive feedback pertaining to my recent purchase of the Santa Fe dehumidifier for my basement. I strongly recommend Sylvane to all consumers. Your assistance, follow through and communications were outstanding. I received the unit within 1 week. The unit has been operating for less than 6 hours with the RH dropping over 20%. Thank you. I am very satisfied with this transaction.

Robert R. from Auburn, NH

I want to commend you for your attitude and the high level of service and attention you gave me this morning. As I said after having a customer service representative from a different company hang up on me I was relieved to get you on the phone. Many companies today understand the value of customers and serving customers and they will prosper. Please forward this message on to your superiors. Thank you for owning the problem and spending the time with me.

Patrice M. from Miami, FL

thanks for a fair price on the exact product i need. courteous service, quick delivery.

Deborah S. from Ridgway, PA

I appreciate all you have done. You have been very courteous and I appreciated your quick?email response?with me. This is the way a good Costumer Service Department should work.

Caroyln R. from Baltimore, MD

I just wanted to thank you for your quick service! My air conditioner came today and I immediately read the book and then installed it, it was that easy. I am a retired senior woman, I have been suffering immensely with this awful heat. I have lot's of animals, two big dogs, six Chinchilla's, one great bird and an aquarium all in my bedroom. Yesterday one of my chinchilla's died, she was a baby, only 2 months old, the heat was just too much. That is why I wanted an air conditioner, my babies need a cool atmosphere to survive. Well, this machine is wonderful! It took my room down 20 degrees in just a few minutes. I vented the hose out the doggie door! Now my dogs need to go out a different one, but they would much rather be cool than go outside and sizzle! So, we all thank you very much for your quick response.

Lue, Chyna, Angel, Cracker, Cupcake, Emma, Shortcake, Dusty, Dewberry and 19 fish (too many to name) from Santa Clara, CA

Stacey, you have been a pleasure to work with and because of you, I will keep Sylvane in mind for my future purchases! Thank you for being so professional and wonderful to work with.

David G. from Prairieville, LA

Thank you. It has ben a pleasure doing business with you and I would use, and recommend, your company in the future. I think this has been more of an inconvenience to you, than to me and I am sorry that the unit turned out to be not what we expected.

Les N. from Chevy Chase, MD

Item well received.Works perfectly.

Paul S. from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Danby is working perfectly. Thanks again for the prompt service and recommendation. It's great to see a few companies still understand both!

Jeff N. from Zionsville, IN

the shipment arrived just a few moments ago. very quick from purchase to delivery. Now if the device works as good as your service was, I'll be a happy camper.

Howard B. from Potamic Falls, VA

I must say, Stacey, you have a wonderful communication style. Your employers are fortunate to have such a great representative in their customer care department.

Marian M. from Miami Beach, FL

Thank you for promptly following up and solving the problem. I?m impressed with your level of customer service and really appreciate it!

Amy N. from Seattle, WA

Thanks for all the great communication! The filter arrived yesterday and is already installed! Thanks for offering this wonderful way of getting these filters! Will probably be buying another air purifier within the next few months. Have a wonderful day!

Roger F. from Iowa City, IA

I just had to tell you that this air purifier is the BEST!! I can't believe I've waited this long to get one! No more allergy pills, no more stuffy nose, especially the second I lie down to go to sleep... all after 24 hours of running it on high. Now I have it on medium and it's working just great! A dear friend of mine recently had sinus surgery, she's also got terrible allergies and to top it off, she's had a running infection in there since a few months before the surgery. Even still, after all the antibiotics and the surgery, the infection is still there. She even has to go to the doctor every few days and they go in there and clean it all out. YUCK! I told her about these air cleaners and she said as soon as I have some money. I said, NO!!! I'm buying it for you NOW!! You can pay me back whenever, but you NEED this NOW! She argued with me real good, but I won (well, really she won!) So, I'll let you know what happens, but I believe that this will be the ticket for restoring her sinuses back to health. It sure has helped me! I've been sleeping for sometimes between 2 & 4 hours straight, on occasion since I got this. Before that, I awoke EVERY HOUR or less! I have fibromyalgia and one of the most important things is for us to get restorative sleep. It's close to impossible, even with tons of sleeping meds. But now, the sleeping meds work better because I CAN BREATH!! What a treat!! Now, if I could just get rid of the stress in my life I'd be in great shape! But, thanks to you guys I'm off to a great start!

Kat D. from Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your ultra fast response. I must tell you that in all my years of buying online (ten years now) you guys are providing the BEST customer service for defective merchandise than any other I have ever delt with!

Philip C. from Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Doug for following up by phone and email. The A/C was on time which was critical and your extra communication helped us allow for the pump. The pump arrived today.

Allen S. from Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you so very much. We didn't expect delivery of our air cleaner for another week or so. We were very pleasantly surprised when it arrived yesterday.

Pat F. from Clinton, MD

Thank you for your prompt and courteous handling of my recent order. There was a slight problem but you handled it very efficiently. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Art L. from East Wemouth, MA

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your awesome product. The Ladybug Vapor steam cleaner. I am a new owner of the XL model and I find new things to clean everyday with my steam cleaner. All I can say is WOW. If you aren't afraid of a little work, and cleaning the house is work, this is the product for you... I haven't seen my window and door tracks looking this good since they were new. Thanks again for a great product.

Nadine P. from Priest River, ID

I am writing to thank your customer service representative, Evelyn, who assisted me on Monday, January 16 at 7:30 PM EST. I ended up making my purchase from your company in large part because she was the first person I spoke with all day (after making numerous calls to other companies) who was friendly and helpful. It is becoming increasingly rare to find customer service representatives who are actually focused on customer service and I hope that you appreciate the valuable employee that you have in Evelyn.

Kate A. from Fairbanks, AK

WOW! You guys are great. The freight company called me at 7AM today and the dehumidifier was delivered at 10AM. It is chugging (if dehumidifiers chug) right now in my basement. I wanted to personally thank you for great service.

Hal N. from Carr, WI

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will recommend your products to my friends. Thanks!

Marcy from

Thank you for your help and quick response Stacey. I appreciated your great service and making my purchase and refund a pleasant experience. Thanks again,

Wenjun from Foster City CA

Once again, thank you so much for your speedy response and professionalism, Stacey. You are a pleasure to work with and I will be anxious to order from you directly when the time comes. Take care!

Anne L. from Tomahawk, WI

Our shipment made to us right on time, love the product. Everyone at Sylvane has been very courteous, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Brenda P. from CA

Thank you so much for your help. It's always nice to deal with courteous, efficient customer care (which is hard to find these days). I will certainly recommend your company to my friends who are thinking of purchasing an IQAir.

Kurt P. from

I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary speed of receiving my order for a dehumidifier! I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today!!! Our basement flooded on Saturday with four feet of water, and our old dehumidifier was floating in the messy water. Once the electricity came back on and the sump pumps could get out the water, the basement was still cold and damp. When I ordered the dehumidifier, I anticipated 4-5 days for it to arrive, since I thought it would be shipped from Georgia, and so anticipated more days of dampness. I cannot express what a joyful surprise it was to see that big box in my garage, and it is happily extracting moisture from my basement at this very moment. Thanks so much!

Mary M. from New Jersey

I wanted to say thank you for the products I just ordered. The ease of ordering and the speedy shipment was amongst the best. It is not too often that you find a reliable company, but this is it. I even contacted customer service to resolve a concern over me forgetting to use a coupon. It was responded to that day and a credit was done to my order for $2.00. Reliability goes a long way when the economy is unstable. Companies that have reliability and stand by their products succeed in this environment. Keep it up and don't lose sight of the right ways to handle a business. Listen, respond, and stay to your word. Thanks again.

Robert K. from Florida

I would like to commend you on your speedy service. I order many items online and your company tops the list for delivery speed.

Joyce W. from Connecticut

I can't tell you how pleased we are with our machine that we purchased from your company!

Peggy B. from

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service on my order. It arrived today and is working fine. I'm very pleased and will be recommending your company to my friends. Thank you again.

Anita F. from

My compliments on your expeditious handling of my purchase order for this Danby dehumidifier. It's up and running just fine in my basement.

John from

Lori T. from

Thanks to Sylvane I've found yet another wonderful product at a great price!

Vicki P. from

I had a great experience with Sylvane. Easy to use the ordering online, very helpful information on their website, and had prompt delivery.

David D. from

Sylvane did an excellent job getting my dehumidifier to me fast. It was here 2 days before anticipated. I will use Sylvane again!

Ashley H. from

I commend Sylvane for their professionalism and their business. I have recently recommended using this company and praised their products, pricing and customer service. I will continue to take my business to Sylvane, they are an excellent company and I highly recommend them.

Sabrina S. from PA

Just installed a Sante Fe Classic in our basement. Have had problems for years with mildew build up and wastes too much $ on the cheap units that are commonly sold at Sears. Within 12 hours of starting the unit, the basement felt dramatically drier and by the next day there no longer was any mildew odor! Would not hesitate to recommend this product. Also had a great experience with Sylvane. Easy to use the ordering online, very helpful information on their website and had prompt delivery.

David D. from

Sylvane had the best price for a product that works like the original.Amazing shipping speed.I am hooked to Sylvane for my air purifier filter needs.

Kenneth R. from seemed to have a comparable price on the dehumidifier I was looking at, but what I liked most was the savings on the free shipping and handling that Sylvane had to offer. I purchased a unit and the product came the next day. I was very pleased with the quick delivery. Great service!

Tina D. from

I would recommend buying from Sylvane as I ordered my dehumidifier on a Friday and it was delivered on Wednesday of the next week. It came in a box inside their box, so the unit was double protected. Very quick and very professional service. I am pleased 100%.

Kendall J. from

I recommend buying Sylvane replacement air purifier filters for the Blueair Airpod because Sylvane is reliable, professional and provides outstanding customer service. Sylvane is also great about offering discounts and coupons for products and repeat customers. I recommend ordering from Sylvane over all the numerous air purifying product companies that I have dealt with in the past. I will definitely continue to purchase all my air filters from Sylvane and have recommended all my friends and family to do the same.

John S. from

For the first time in a long time, I purchased a quality item - a Santa Fe dehumidifier. I do not mind spending the money if I get what I pay for. I got what I paid for. A solution to my problem. Sylvane, keep up the quality workmanship and success will always be yours. I thank you for your service, quality, integrity. What more can a consumer ask for? Remember, you get what you pay for!

Dolores M. from PA

Sylvane was very easy to work with. The product arrived on time and the customer support staff was very friendly. Would definitely order from Sylvane again.

Matt S. from

I only recently became aware of radon and was very concerned about the levels in my older home. Instead of hiring a professional, I chose to search out some alternate testing methods on the internet. Fortunately, I came across Sylvane and was able to order a detector, which arrived very promptly. I've measured several areas of my basement and have found them to be below the required action level. I'm still in the test period but am very confident this product will be one of my best home purchases ever. The customer service has been excellent and I am very pleased all around. I will look forward to ordering other needed items from Sylvane. Thank you!

Kim W. from

We needed to get a dehumidifier because we had just finished our basement and the one we had wasn't strong enough. The Danby DDR7009REE was great. It came very fast. I think I got it in a day after I had ordered it. It was packaged great. It worked really fast and brought the humidity level down into the 40's. I really liked dealing with Sylvane. The support staff before I bought it answered all my questions and gave me the information I needed to make the right decision.

Allison O. from

This is my first purchase from Sylvane. I was extremely pleased with the ease in ordering, the follow-up emails on shipment status and timely delivery. I purchased a Danby dehumidifier for my unfinished basement.I am very impressed with its operation. I relied on the reviews at Sylvane website to influence my final decision. Overall, I'm very impressed with the product and excellent service provided by Sylvane.

Fiona M. from

I cannot say enough for Sylvane, who delivered the my window air conditioner exactly as promised within 3 days -- amazing with such a heavy package! I also appreciated that the website directed me to the install kit when I purchased the air conditioner (this has brackets, hardware, and gaskets you need for installing, so no trip to the hardware store). No regrets from this happy customer.

Carol G. from NY

The filters I ordered are great! Sylvane made it VERY easy to order. Delivery was quick! I've put Sylvane in my favorite bookmarks! Thanks for the great service and reasonable pricing.

Linda A. from

I ordered replacement filters for my Santa Fe dehumidifier. Sylvane was very quick in shipping the order, and I received them in 3 to 4 business days. Great to know that they provide great service and products even after the sale.

John R. from

I just want to let you know how impressed I was with the support, professionalism, and information supplied by your sales representative, Wes, before I purchased a dehumidifier yesterday. I called with questions I hoped would be answered and came away with every bit of information I needed to go ahead and purchase the model that will work in our home! Keep up the good work.

Cami E. from Winnetka, IL

I searched the internet to find a good, reliable seller of air conditioners at a competitive price. Sylvane stood out by the range of products and their excellent customer reviews. While I was a bit reluctant to order because I had never heard of Sylvane before, their very well organized and helpful website and the reviews made me decide to try them out. When I had a question about my order, I heard back immediately from customer service. Then the very heavy shipment with my air conditioner came in three days - much faster than I ever expected. And all was in perfect shape and exactly as I expected from the information on the website. I highly recommend Sylvane and plan to buy more from them in the future.

Anonymous from

In looking for a replacement appliance to dehumidify our lower level which consists of a recreation room, a bedroom, and an unfinished utility room, I decided that I didn't want to replace my old small dehumidifier units for the third time with the same "guaranteed to fail in 5 years" units. So I inquired online for an alternate solution and came across Sylvane's website which turned out to be very informative and efficient in helping me determine what I needed for my house. The Sylvane website had a tutorial which helped me learn about the Santa-Fe Dehumidifier and its features (I had a salesman come to my house and try and sell me a similar product, but didn't have the expertise to help me decide whether this product was the right one for me.) including the size of the unit, capacity of dehumidification, and weight of the unit. The order and delivery process was very efficient and the price of the unit and accessories were very competitive. The delivery arrangement and time of delivery were excellent. I decided to order an adapter to facilitate connecting the unit to my central heating/cooling and with some local store purchase was able to easily connect the unit to it. It is working well and is now lowering the humidity in all of the levels of my home. I am very happy that I found Sylvane to help me with my dehumidification needs and I would recommend this company to anyone who has a similar need.

William E. from Lodi, WI

I live high in the Rockies and this year smoke from the forest fires in Arizona and New Mexico forced us to close the bedroom windows at night. We purchased the portable AC to replace the evening breezes that cool the house and us after dusk. Sylvane made the ordering and shipping process very easy. Communication was timely, accurate and friendly. The well-designed double-boxing really helped to keep the product safe from shipping damage: it arrived in perfect condition. I'm definitely putting Sylvane on my personal preferred vendor list.

Joseph M. from

Our Danby dehumidifier was shipped the day we ordered it. It arrived in three days. We also enjoyed using the customer service through Sylvane. After emailing for their advice on what we needed, they matched us with a product that fit the bill - literally and figuratively! We've had a good experience overall and spent less money for a better unit than we would have going to a big box store.

Sara D. from

Sylvane does a great job packing and shipping their products. The packing was top notch and the product arrived much quicker than I thought it would. I have had other items which are rather heavy like this shipped with less care from other retailers, and sometimes I have had to refuse them with other sellers. This looks like it would never be a problem with Sylvane because of the very good packing and shipping job they do. If I need to buy anything else along these lines I am going to be looking here first!

Loren M. from

When I place an order with Sylvane, they usually send the order within a day of receiving the order. Every replacement filter I have received from them has been superbly packed to ensure the filter won't get damaged during delivery. I love doing business with Sylvane and I love my IQAir Cleanroom 13 Advanced Air Cleaning System. I would recommend doing business with this company to everyone.

Teresa K. from

I bought my Friedrich dehumidifier as the first step to start "fixing" my basement. I did a lot of research and according with the requirements I needed, this was the first option. While researching, the people at Sylvane customer service were very useful and kind to answer all my questions.

Jorge G. from

Our experience with Sylvane has been entirely positive. We needed to deal with a representative on the phone, and he was extremely courteous and helpful. The unit arrived in perfect condition and even a day earlier than we had expected. Kudos to Sylvane.

Kathryn J. from

Living in Vermont, we were always told that we didn't need air conditioning. Don't believe it, you do. We decided to go with a portable AC so we could share it between 2 rooms. Sylvane was dream to work with. The product arrived promptly and when one of the plastic components arrived broken, they cleared up the issue immediately. Thank you Sylvane - we are referring friends to your website!!

Connie B. from VT

Sylvane's sales people were wonderful to deal with. I would buy another one from Sylvane if I need it without looking anywhere else.

William S. from

I was so pleased with the service, the product and the follow up on this transaction. You delivered our dehumidifier early, not just on time. Thanks for being a company that does what it advertises.

Maureen M. from

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. Your site is designed well and easy to navigate. You had the best price I could find on line, and with the free shipping, it was a no brainer buying from you. And the shipping was very fast. I got the air purifier two days after it was shipped. I will definitely do business with you again. Thanks.

Paul D. from

You people are amazing! I ordered a Vornado heater Sunday and it was here and delivered Tuesday morning! I am going to tell anybody about your great service! Happy Holidays!

Joan G. from

The true measure of company is the way they handle a problem. The service and technical support provided by Therma-Stor and Sylvane was a level that I would expect of Apple Computer and Bose: simply EXCELLENT. My replacement Compact 2 (supplied by Therma-Stor) is performing as expected; maintaining the desired humidity levels in my crawl space, extremely quiet and made in the USA.

Leonard G. from

With this great opportunity from Sylvane, I can buy two for the price of one in Canada - unbelievable! My father-in-law bought one in the hardware store for an excessive price. I felt sorry that didn't know about Sylvane's customer service and lower price. Thank you!

Yannick from Quebec

I spoke with Jennifer...Her advice and brilliant info -- I asked her endless specific questions -- resulted in my purchase of the Whynter unit you delivered to my home, and it is PERFECT. Jennifer is words for her exceptional skills. THANK YOU.

Susan from Colorado

I got good, patient, technical information before purchase. Product arrived and performed as promised. No problems, no gimmicks. An "attaboy" for the policies and staff that make this happen, especially nowadays.

William from Connecticut

Thought the sales reps were very knowledgeable in choosing the appropriate dehumidifier for my application. Once selected the order process and shipping of my unit was very prompt.

Steve from New Jersey

I was very pleased with keeping the customer informed each step of the way from the time of order up through delivery. There was a level of comfort with the feeling that they cared about your order until the order was delivered.

James from Pennsylvania

You promised and you delivered. We arrived in TX with high heat and humidity. We immediately put our unit to work and it has been a blessing ever since. THANK YOU!

John from Texas

I just wanted to let you know the IQ Air Healthpro Plus I ordered from you arrived yesterday in good shape. It is set up in our living room and working well. I appreciate your prompt delivery and follow through.

Jim L from

Thank you. It's been a pleasure doing business with your company, because your staff has been very pleasant. Also, your sales representative, Doug was not only pleasant when responding to my questions, but he was also knowledgeable and very helpful. If I develop a need for any of your products in the future, I will contact a representative.

Suzanne V from Statesboro, GA

Just thought I would let you know that I got the air cleaner in today and plugged it in. Seems to work great =) Thanks for looking after me. I have a few friends that are in the market for a good quality air cleaner so I will refer them to your web site. Take care and Happy Holidays.

Steve N. from BC, Canada

We got the Nilfisk today and love it! Thank you for such prompt delivery. We couldn't be more happy with your service or the product we bought from you.

Robert and Allison S. from

Just want to let you know that I received my credit. Also, it's been an absolute pleasure doing business with you and your company. I am only sorry the product did not work out for me. Thank you for your excellent service and professionalism! I will highly recommend Sylvane to my friends and colleagues. You're the best!

Ellen S. from NY

Thanks for your attentive and thorough service. What a treat these days! Cheers.

Vicki R. (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) from

Thought I'd drop you a quick note of thanks. Great product, quick shipment, and great service. Thanks a bunch and I'll definitely order from you again!

Kevin P. from

Day was really a blessing in helping me sort out the best unit for me. Please tell her thanks and God Bless.

Patrice J. from

Sylvane, You have impressed me. I've had some rocky problems buying items over the Internet before and this experience has sold me again on buying online. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

Jessica N. from Atlanta, GA

Great Job !!! Everything came on time, and in good condition. Keep up the good work.

Mark B. from East Tawas MI

You guys are simply the best. I wish everyone we did business with was like you.

Nancy F. from FL

I just want to thank you for making this return very smooth. It is not often that you come across a company that has integrity anymore. I will spread the word to all we know about your most excellent business.

Andrew E. from CA

Thank you! Just got the Quiet Flo 2day. I really appreciate the follow up. Good customer service is very rare these days. Will do business again with your company. Pretty soon probably! Take care

Jerry R. from Placerville CA

Thank you for this great product, it is making a huge difference in my life and making my allergies a lot easier to deal with! I will definitely buy more products from you!

Kristi A. from

Stacey, Thank you for the quick response to my inquiry. My experiences with Sylvane have been nothing short of professional and efficient in processing and response. I will continue to refer others to Sylvane in the future. Thank you,

Charles D. from

Dear Stacey, I had stated before I have already purchased another humidifier from you folks. The order #805S63794 is my new purchase. I thank you for your very quick response on my previous purchase. Sylvane has excellent customer service! I appreciate that very much. I will check you folks out when it comes to future purchases. Sincerely,

Mark C. from Claymont DE

Hey, thanks for the receipt.... what great service you provide your customers... whenever you are having a bad day, remember you have fans in California! Thanks again.

Nancy S. from CA

<p>Thank you for your prompt response, I am pleased. To be honest, it is likely that your first message was caught up in my spam file (This one was but I was looking for it because of your phone call) Thanks again for your follow up and diligence.</p>

Tom H. from Lexington, Massachusetts

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