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Product Review: Friedrich C90A Air Cleaner

Article Image: "Friedrich Air Cleaner Review"

The Friedrich air purifier is one of the better units on the market for all-around air filtration at a reasonable cost. Inhouse, we spent time testing the system to see how it works under standard conditions. The results are highlighted below. Many customers have already experienced the difference a Friedrich air cleaner can make in their home. We recommend the Friedrich as a best-buy for improving the air of your indoor environment.

Smoke Removal

In our review of this model, we were impressed by its exceptional ability to remove smoke. The Friedrich uses electric plates to filter smoke from the air. These plates only need to be washed in order for the air cleaner to operate at optimum performance. Also, the unit’s lifespan is not adversely affected by cigarette and fireplace smoke, unlike most of the HEPA and carbon filters on the market. Traditional HEPA filters have marginal long-term impact on cigarette smoke reduction. Carbon filters can be effective. However, it is important to note that their lifespan is reduced when subject to high amounts of smoke. The carbon granules become saturated, which leads to costly filter replacements or loss of effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Performance

At overall dust and particle removal, the Friedrich air cleaner performed well. Given that the electronic collector plates of the C-90 only need to be washed regularly instead of replaced, this unit is a very good value. Please note that regular cleaning of the electronic precipitator plates is a must – as performance will be significantly impacted without at least a monthly cleaning. Therefore, if you know that you will not want to perform this regular maintenance, you may want to consider a traditional HEPA/carbon-based model.

Another cost-saving attribute of this unit, is the absence of a high-powered fan. This makes the Friedrich very energy-efficient. Under typical circumstances, this air purifier may cost you about $50 - $60 a year to run.

Sound Level

Of the air purifiers that we have reviewed, the Friedrich electrostatic is the quietest air purifier that maintains its effectiveness overtime. Since there is no need for a high-power fan to draw air through a thick HEPA or carbon filter, the unit is able to maintain almost complete silence with a quieter fan, except for the occasional electric “pop,” which emits from the plates from time-to-time. Most of our customers do not notice this “popping” sound. However, you should purchase from a company with a 30 day liberal return policy to ensure that the low intermittent sound is acceptable to you.

Listed below are the main components of the Friedrich C-90B air purifier:

The controls for the unit.

Electronic Cell (Main Filter): The electrostatic plate (cell) can be hand-washed or placed in the dishwasher.

Filter Placement: The unit is depicted with the lid off and 3 filters standing out of their housings.

Fan and Airflow: The internal components of the system are shown on left. All the filters have been removed to allow you to see the air passage through the fan component.


CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers issued the following CADR to the Friedrich air purifier for its exceptional performance.


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