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friedrich 8500 btu mini split m09yh

Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

Model: M09YJ | SKU: fr2291
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  • Product Overview

    Cool and heat your home efficiently with the Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. This ductless split system provides indoor comfort year-round with a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 10,800 BTUs. Featuring a 13.3 EER rating, a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 21, and an Energy Star seal, the Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split Air Conditioner helps you save valuable dollars on your electric bill. An excellent solution for cooling or heating rooms without previously installed ductwork, this single-zone ductless air conditioner performs effectively in areas as large as 400 square feet.

    Product Features

    • Programmable Timer: The 24-hour timer allows you to automate operation on your Friedrich air conditioner to maintain your designated settings while you’re away or asleep.
    • Auto-Swing Louvers: To experience maximum comfort, use the air sweep function to direct cool air in an angle that best accommodates your needs.
    • Reusable Air Filter: Save money on costly replacement filters with the washable air filter that comes standard with Friedrich ductless air conditioners. Simply clean the filter with warm water or a vacuum cleaner every three months.
    • Sleep Mode: The sleep function keeps your space comfortable in cool, heat, and dry mode and it maintains a pleasant room temperature with quiet operation while you rest.
    • Frost Control: During low-temperature operation, frost may begin to collect inside the air handler. If frost buildup occurs, the compressor will automatically shut down until the frost melts, protecting the unit from any damage.
    • Minimal Upkeep: In addition to user-friendly operation, this single-zone ductless air conditioner features hassle-free maintenance. To preserve your Friedrich mini-split air conditioner, wipe the front panel of the blower unit with a cold, damp cloth and clean the reusable air filter periodically.
    • Automatic Restart: In the event of a power failure, the Friedrich M09YJ Ductless Air Conditioner will automatically resume operation in the last programmed setting once the power is restored. This function not only protects the compressor, but it also prevents circuit breaker damage.
    • Quiet Operation: This ductless split system operates efficiently around the clock while emitting minimal sound. Because the condensing unit is positioned outside of your home, the indoor blower is virtually silent for little to no noise disruption in your indoor environment even on the highest setting.

    Energy-Efficient Operation

    This Energy Star-rated ductless air conditioner boasts several energy-saving features to help reduce your cooling costs. In addition to having an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 13.3, the Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split System operates for approximately $54 a year. Plus, with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 21.5, this mini-split AC guarantees efficient operation throughout a typical cooling season.

    To help conserve energy, this 9,000-BTU mini-split AC also features an economy operation mode. This function consumes 30% less electricity on its maximum setting and it automatically adjusts the thermostat for the most cost-effective operation while heating and cooling. Additionally, the economy feature efficiently removes warm moisture from the air without increasing cooling power.

    Fast Cooling Method

    What sets Friedrich ductless air conditioners apart from typical air conditioner systems is their innovative cooling process. This Friedrich mini-split air conditioner starts the cooling cycle with maximum power to cool your space faster using inverter technology. This efficient cooling method helps you reach your ideal room temperature right away while conserving energy.

    While traditional air conditioners constantly cycle the compressor on and off causing uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, the Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split AC accurately accesses your current room temperature and uses the appropriate fan speed to maintain a comfortable temperature. Inverter technology helps you avoid the up and down cooling output of traditional ACs and it uses approximately 30% less electricity.

    Inverter Technology

    Deluxe Remote Control

    Mini-split air conditioners are usually installed high on the wall, making the control panel hard to reach. So it is important to have a custom remote control that lets you operate the indoor blower unit from a distance. The Friedrich 9,000-BTU Split Air Conditioner comes with a deluxe remote control with a convenient remote control holder that you can mount on the wall for easy access.

    The LCD remote features several soft-touch buttons that allow you to control every function of your ductless air conditioner. The electronic display screen features user-friendly icons that help you monitor the current temperature and timer settings. Additionally, these icons display which operating mode is in use, making it easy to program your ideal settings.

    Multi-Functional Capabilities

    In addition to providing efficient cooling in spaces up to 400 square feet, this mini-split air conditioner also functions as a heater. The Friedrich M09YJ Ductless Air Conditioner gives you more bang for your buck and provides consistent comfort in every season with the following operating modes:

    Cool – In cooling mode, this Friedrich ductless air conditioner draws in 447 cubic feet of hot air per minute and exhausts it outside to the condenser unit through the connection pipe. Using 9,000 BTUs of cooling power, this mini-split system effectively reduces heat, creating a cool indoor environment.

    Fan – Fan-only operation is beneficial on cool nights when maximum cooling is not necessary. While the cooling mode works to eliminate heat with a constant stream of cool air, the fan mode uses less cooling power to ventilate your space. With three fan speed settings – high, medium, and low – the Friedrich M09YJ Air Conditioner produces fresh air circulation to prevent indoor stuffiness.

    Dry – In addition to cooling your home and ventilating your space, this system also improves your indoor air quality by eliminating room humidity. When the air in your space is warm and moist, it not only makes you feel hot and clammy, but it also makes your air conditioner work twice as hard to cool your space. In dry mode, the Friedrich M09YJ Mini-Split System functions as a dehumidifier, removing 2.6 pints of excess moisture every hour so the compressor can consume less energy while cooling.

    Heat – The built-in heater allows you to set the thermostat to warm temperatures up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. When switched to heat mode, the Friedrich M09YJ operates the fan on the lowest speed setting for up to 5 minutes before dispersing an even distribution of heat. This mode also features a minimum heat function, which maintains a room temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your indoor environment from getting uncomfortably cold. The heater effectively warms your space with a heating capacity of 10,800 BTUs.

    Auto – When programmed to operate in auto mode, this ductless mini-split air conditioner monitors the air quality in your space and automatically starts the cooling process, fan cycle, or drying method to accommodate the current condition of your indoor air.

    Advanced Options

    This 8,500-BTU mini-split air conditioner is equipped with the following enhancements:

    • Turbo: The turbo function activates the maximum cooling setting. This feature enables you to set your ideal room temperature for immediate comfort. With the press of a button, the cooling system will use the highest fan speed to reach your set temperature right away.
    • Sensor: For effortless operation, use the sensor feature. This function determines the current room temperature and automatically adjusts the settings to an optimal level.
    • Extend: The extend feature prolongs operation for 10 additional minutes after the programmed settings have expired. This function can be used only in cool and dry mode.

    Convenient Ductless Installation

    The Friedrich M09YJ Ductless Split System consists of one blower unit that installs inside and one condenser unit that installs outdoors. The wall-mountable blower unit, or air handler, connects to the condenser unit through a Friedrich refrigeration line set (sold separately). The indoor air handler pulls in hot air from the room and transfers it outside to the condenser through the pipe lines.

    The blower unit should be mounted 6 inches below the ceiling and at least 8 feet above the floor of the room you choose to install the AC in, giving you plenty of placement options. While you don’t need an exterior wall in your space to install a ductless split system, installation does require a 3-inch wall opening for the connection lines.

    *Note: This Friedrich ductless split system requires professional installation by a HVAC-certified technician.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Two-Year Limited Warranty on Parts

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Friedrich M09YJ Owner's Manual
    User guide for the Friedrich M09YJ Wall-Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner

    What's In The Box?

    • Friedrich MW09C1J Indoor Blower Unit
    • Friedrich MR09C1J Outdoor Condenser Unit
    • Reusable Air Filter
    • Remote Control
    • Wall-Mountable Remote Holder
    • Owner's Manual

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  • Specifications

    Number of Zones1
    Total Cooling Capacity9000 BTUs
    Total Heating Capacity10800 BTUs
    Maximum Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)447 CFM
    Minimum Operating Temperature - Cooling14 degrees F
    Maximum Operating Temperature - Cooling115 degrees F
    Minimum Operating Temperature - Heating5 degrees F
    Maximum Operating Temperature - Heating75 degrees F
    Outdoor Unit Height21.313 in.
    Outdoor Unit Width30.313 in.
    Outdoor Unit Depth11.313 in.
    Indoor Unit Height11.25 in.
    Indoor Unit Width35.25 in.
    Indoor Unit Depth8.25 in.
    Indoor Unit Weight17 lbs.
    Mounting TypeWall
    Heat Mode Yes
    Automatic Mode Yes
    Fan-Only ModeYes
    Number of Fan Speeds4
    Programmable TimerYes
    Remote ControlYes
    Refrigerant TypeR-410A
    Voltage220-240 V
    Minimum Indoor Noise Level22 dB
    Maximum Indoor Noise Level43 dB
    Minimum Outdoor Noise Level46 dB
    Maximum Outdoor Noise Level46 dB
    Refrigerant Connection TypeFlare
    Maximum Line Length 66 ft.
    Maximum Height Difference49 ft.
    Factory Precharge 49 ft.
    Liquid Line O.D.0.25 in.
    Suction Line O.D.0.37 in.
    Sensible Heat Ratio 0.65
    Auto-Restart on Power FailureYes
    Compressor TypeInverter
    Maximum Cooling Watts680 W
    Maximum Heating Watts760 W
    Maximum Cooling Watts6 watts
    Maximum Heating Amps7.5 amps
    Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)13.3
    Energy StarYes
    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)21.5
    Air FilterNo
    Adjustable LouversYes
    Automatic OscillationYes
    Estimated Yearly Operating Cost$54.00
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