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Hunter Air Purifiers

Well-known since the early 1900s for its innovative ceiling fans, Hunter also manufactures a variety of portable air purifiers that help create cleaner, healthier air in your indoor environment. When used regularly, Hunter air purifiers capture and remove up to 99.97% of allergy-aggravating impurities. Use a Hunter air cleaner in your bedroom, living room, office, or den to combat allergy- and asthma-triggering irritants. Many Hunter air purifier units are equipped with advanced filtration technology such as replaceable true HEPA filters or cost-saving PermaLife filters that require no replacement. All Hunter air cleaners are value-priced and feature high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) for pollen, dust, and smoke.<!--more-->

Hunter PermaLife Air Purifiers

Hunter PermaLife Air Purifier units have a permanent filter that is completely cleanable and reusable. PermaLife filters capture 99.5% of particles measuring 0.5 microns and larger. For best results, clean the filter using a vacuum attachment after 2,800 hours of use or approximately 4 to 6 months. Certain models are equipped with runtime counters that track your usage for you, so you'll know exactly when it's time to clean your filter.

Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifiers

Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifier models feature whisper-quiet fans that draw air into the filters without excessive noise, which is very common in conventional air purifiers. QuietFlo technology also features multiple purification speeds, so you can find your ideal speed and sound level. QuietFlo models are excellent choices for bedrooms and other quiet spaces.

Hunter Air Purifier Replacement Filters

Need a replacement filter for your Hunter purifier? We carry a full range of Hunter air filters, including pre-filters and replacement HEPA filters. Search for your filter by model name and number.

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