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In-Depth Review of IQAir HealthPro Plus

Article Image: "IQAir HealthPro Plus Review"

As Sylvane's Air Purifier Category Winner, the IQAir HealthPro Plus is our most highly recommended air purifier and a steady customer favorite for allergy and asthma relief. Powerhouse allergen and odor filtration, long-lasting filters, and a fully loaded control panel are just a few of the features that set it apart from the competition. Read on to get our expert review and learn why the IQAir HealthPro Plus is a great lifetime value for years of cleaner, healthier air.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

Overall Performance

The IQAir HealthPro Plus ranks in the top of its category for all-around filtration and is a highly recommended solution for reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. The filters used in this unit target overall particle filtration and low-level gases and odors.


If you are looking for a system to filter out dense tobacco smoke, this is not the right unit for you. This is because the IQAir HealthPro Plus' filtration configuration cannot withstand the level of filter saturation that tobacco smoke causes. The filter's carbon granules will quickly become overly saturated and lose their effectiveness. If you are looking for an air purifier designed specifically for this purpose, consider the IQAir Multigas GC Air Purifier or the Airpura T600 Air Purifier.

Advanced Features

The IQAir HealthPro Plus has many unique technology features. Two sets of controls—an LCD display panel with digital control buttons and a separate remote control—enable easy operation.

The unit's LCD screen provides accurate and timely readouts of filter life and efficiency.

  • Filter life in Hours: The unit gives you an indication of how many hours or purification are left using the 3 filters inside the unit. This eliminates the guesswork involved in filter replacement.

    The LCD screen counts down the hours until filter replacement is necessary. Three rectangular LED lights warn you when the filter life on any of the 3 filters is low and when one of the filters needs replacing. It's a reminder calendar, keeping you on top of the unit's maintenance needs. We believe this small feature has great benefits in the long run, as an air purifier is only as good as its filters. It's very easy to forget to replace filters or waste money by changing them too often. With the LCD screen, you can save money and experience less hassle by knowing your filter efficiency at any given time.

The LCD screen also displays fan speed, timer, and the corresponding CFM (cubic feet per minute) air output.

  • Fan Speed: Displays the current selected fan speed and its corresponding CFM air output. The fan speeds can be toggled up and down through 6 differing speed levels.
  • Timer: You can schedule the unit to run only on specified days or during certain hours. This can be very useful if you know that no one will be home from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can adjust the unit to turn off at a certain time and, in turn, save both energy and filter life. In addition, this feature is also useful for light sleepers, as the unit can be set to turn on automatically once the person has reached a deep sleep.

The unit comes with a remote control. At first, we questioned the usefulness of this device since it doesn't take much effort to change the settings manually on the unit. However, we realized that this feature can be helpful, depending on your circumstances. For instance, the air purifier can be wall-mounted and elevated if necessary to control cooking odors. It can also be placed in hard-to-reach areas of a room. In hard-to-reach and elevated areas, having the ability to control the unit with a remote is a great convenience. The remote control also helps to control the air cleaner's sound level. With the remote, you can adjust fan speeds (and lower noise emission) from a comfortable distance.

Intelligent Design

Each unit is individually tested and certified by IQAir before distribution. A certificate of performance is included along with the air purifier to indicate its performance compliance. Our own review revealed that these units are intelligently designed to offer years of cleaner air at a lower sound level and with minimal visual impact.

  • Construction: The exterior of the unit is made of a durable hard plastic, which ensures protection of the filtration system. The air purifier arrives double boxed for safer delivery. Additionally, given the solid construction of the unit and the double boxing, we believe you will have no problems with initial shipping or subsequent moving.
  • Design: The base of the unit is arched to allow air to flow into the unit from the floor level. The top of the air purifier has vent fins running all along the four sides. This is important for several reasons. The intake is separated as far as possible from the exhaust to avoid simple "recirculation" of already cleaned air. In addition, the exhaust does not "kick up" dust from the floor, as the air is dispersed evenly in an upward direction. Another benefit of the vented top is a lower sound output, achieved by the even dispersal of air.
  • Physical Characteristics: With caster wheels attached, the air purifier measures 30 inches tall. It is 15 inches wide and 16 inches deep, and weighs 35 pounds with filters in place. The color of the unit is a neutral light gray tone, so it blends seamlessly into nearly any space.

Filter Housing

The heart of the IQAir HealthPro Plus is comprised of the filters, the cabinet that houses the filters, and the fan that drives the air. There are 3 separate filters in the unit: a pre-filter, a carbon gas filter, and a main HEPA filter. Each serves a different purpose.

  • Pre-Filter: The pre-filter catches large particles (for example, larger dust particles) in order to preserve the life and effectiveness of the more expensive HEPA filter inside. This filter has a mini-pleat design with solvent-free separators and features 25 square feet of filter area.
  • Carbon Filter: Following the pre-filter is the V5 gas and odor filter. This filter has 5 pounds of activated carbon pellets and alumina that is infused with potassium permanganate, a disinfectant. The carbon also filters out gases as well as odors.
  • HEPA Filter: Lastly, the IQAir HealthPro Plus's dense, pleated HEPA filter provides particle filtration with 40 square feet of filter material. This HEPA filter has undergone European Norm (EN) 1822 testing and is one of the highest quality air filters available. It filters not only the standard 0.3 microns at 99.97% (the level at which many HEPA filters are rated), but also 99% of all particles 0.01 microns and larger.

These 3 filters operate in unison to effectively filter out small and large particles, gases, and odors. The placement of the V5 gas and odor filter before the HEPA filter ensures that any loose carbon granules will be filtered out of the exhaust. The separation of filters into different cartridges allows for easy replacement of individual cartridges as they need to be changed. This is a significant benefit, since many combined cartridges have to be replaced when only one layer has become saturated. The filters and the specialized enclosed housing that surrounds them provide the IQAir HealthPro Plus with the highest quality of overall filtration out of any air purifier in its class. Additionally, the unique housing construction ensures that air is properly channeled through the actual filters themselves versus simply being recirculated through the unit without proper filtration.

Filter Life

The filter life on the units varies depending on usage and pollution levels. The stated filter lives are:

  • Pre-Max Filter: 6-18 months
  • V5-Cell Filter: 1-2 years
  • HyperHEPA Filter: 2-4 years

Using the LCD screen, you can adjust the assumed pollution levels in your environment to either increase or decrease the rate at which the unit’s monitor will calculate the filter life progress. This will allow you to more accurately measure when the filters will need to be replaced.

Fan, Coverage Area, and Accessories

The fan inside the unit is one of the most powerful in its class. It has been newly upgraded to the "red label" fan, which is more efficient and quieter. This fan is strategically located between the filter cartridges, helping to further buffer any sound created by the unit.

The thick filter materials reduce airflow from 700 CFM down to an intake and exhaust of 240 CFM, with the filtered air passing through multiple levels of thick filtration media to ensure quality output. This thickness means that the unit is able to effectively purify a maximum area of up to of 1,125 square feet (with 8.5-foot ceilings). Beyond this point of maximum efficiency, the unit will assist with room filtration, but will not be operating at its optimal level of air purification. Another useful feature of the IQAir HealthPro Plus is its configuration and adaptability. Additional attachments are available to create under- or over-pressure environments in the coverage area.

Still Have Questions?

For more information about this air cleaner, browse the IQAir HealthPro Plus product page. Not sure what' best for you? We can take the guesswork out of decision-making. Contact our product experts toll-free at 1 (800) 934-9194. We want to help make your indoor environment a healthy one.


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