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IQ Air Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purification

IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifiers

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  • Product Overview

    Say hello to America's #1 whole house air purifier and bid goodbye to aggravating allergy triggers lingering throughout your home. The IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier single-handedly transforms your home into an oasis of clean, allergen-free air that's healthier for you and your family. This air purification system is designed to be retrofitted into your existing HVAC system to clean the air throughout all the rooms of your home up to 125 times per day. Key features include a MERV-16 filtration system that performs superior removal of ultra-fine particles, an extended filter life that will save you money, easy yearly maintenance, and much more.

    2 Perfect 16 Sizes Available

    The IQAir Perfect 16 HVAC air purifier is available in 2 sizes, a 3 ton and a 5 ton model. Ideally, you'll choose the model that corresponds with your HVAC system size. 

    Perfect 16 Model HVAC System Size (Tons) Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) Airflow Filter Media Area Dimensions Weight
    IQAir Perfect 16 ID-2225  3 Ton 1,200 CFM 170 sq. ft. 21.25 in. H x 21.25 in. W x 25.25 in. D 59 lbs.
    IQAir Perfect 16 ID-2530 5 Ton 2,000 CFM 210 sq. ft. 21.25 in. H x 25.25 in. W x 29.25 in. D 74 lbs.

    Delivers 10 Times Cleaner Air Throughout Your Home

    The IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier helps you enjoy 10 times cleaner air throughout your home, guaranteed. This system is rated at a MERV-16, the highest MERV rating possible. This means it cleans the air with a minimum allergen removal efficiency of 95% of particles that are 0.3 microns and larger as well as more than 85% of ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns. These are the smallest particles that exist. They include the most common household allergy triggers plaguing your home like pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and smoke particles. Additionally, the system filters out airborne bacteria, viruses, and other airborne pathogens.

    The Perfect 16 also contains 50 times more filtration power than conventional whole house air purifiers. The reason lies in IQAir's "Double V" filter design. Most conventional HVAC air cleaners feature a flat surface design, which limits the particle collection area. In comparison, the Perfect 16 Double V filter design increases filter surface area to more than 170 square feet. This enlarges the particle collection area, improves filtration, and allows more air to pass through the system. You'll start to breathe remarkably cleaner air and experience less symptom flare-ups.

    Works With Your Existing HVAC System

    The IQAir Perfect 16 is retrofitted seamlessly into your home's existing HVAC air handler. Together, your HVAC system and your Perfect 16 unit will clean the air in your home up to 125 times per day. Here's how it works:

    • Step 1: Air is drawn through your HVAC return grill, which is typically located in a common area such as a hallway or a living room.
    • Step 2: Air then passes through 4 high-performance air filters arranged in a double V configuration for unmatched filtration power. These filters capture 95% of all ultra-fine particle allergens as small as 0.3 microns, getting them out of your air for good.
    • Step 3: Clean, filtered air is then passed through your heating and cooling system and supplied back into each room of your home using your ductwork.

    If you own a larger home, you may have 2 or more air handlers. For example, you might have an air handler on each floor. In this scenario, it's beneficial to install a Perfect 16 onto each air handler for optimal air filtration on each level of your home. Prior to installation, an authorized IQAir installer will help you determine the appropriate size Perfect 16 system and number of systems you may need to service your home.

    Additional Features

    • Ultra-Long Filter Life - Average filter life is 3 years and may be even longer depending on how you operate your HVAC and Perfect 16 systems.
    • Easy Maintenance - Replace the filters only every 3 years. That's it. No other maintenance services are required on the unit.
    • Completely Silent - No sound is emitted when the system is running.
    • Requires Zero Power - The Perfect 16 uses no electricity and has the lowest air restriction levels in the industry. That means it will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, even potentially lowering your energy bill.
    • Swiss-Quality Construction - Swiss construction is a sign of outstanding quality, superior design, innovation, precision, and reliability. Each system is also independently tested and certified against stringent performance standards.
    • 100% Healthy Technology - The Perfect 16 generates no ozone, ionization, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, or other unhealthy by-products as it cleans the air.
    • Lifetime Clean Air Duct Guarantee - IQAir guarantees that your home's air ducts will remain free of significant accumulated dust and dirt for as long as you use the Perfect 16.

    Get A Risk-Free Trial

    If you're interested in purchasing a Perfect 16 system, but you have additional questions, you can schedule a risk-free trial and consultation to see if the system is right for your home. During this trial, an authorized IQAir installer will come to your home and conduct a complete installation consultation. This will include an air quality test and an inspection of your home's HVAC system for compatibility and in order to determine the right size and number of units for you. You'll need to make an initial refundable equipment deposit of $295. If you decide the Perfect 16 is not right for you, the full equipment deposit will be refunded to you. If you decide to purchase the Perfect 16, the amount of the equipment deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of the unit.

    Professional Installation Required

    The IQAir Perfect 16 Air Purifier must be professionally installed by an authorized IQAir installer that is licensed and insured. Once you have purchased your system, an IQAir representative will be in touch with you to schedule an installation appointment. In most cases, you can expect installation to take 3 to 6 hours. Once your system is installed, the installer will test and verify its operational effectiveness with a laser particle counter. IQAir guarantees that the installation will be completed within 30 days of your purchase.


    The IQAir Perfect 16 Air Purifier works with your HVAC system to deliver 10 times cleaner air throughout all the rooms of your home.

    What Customers Love

    • Proven Performance - Each Perfect 16 system is independently tested and certified to perform MERV-16 particle filtration, the highest MERV rating available.
    • Creates Medical-Grade Clean Air for Everyone - This removes 95% of ultrafine particles in your home's air, creating medical-grade clean air for everyone in your household.

    Things To Consider

    • Complete A Risk-Free Trial - Judge for yourself whether or not this system is right for you. Get a risk-free trial and consultation with an IQAir installer with your refundable $295 equipment deposit. 

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Perfect 16 Air Purifier Brochure
    System Brochure for the Perfect 16 Air Purifier
    Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQs about the Perfect 16.

    What's In The Box?

    • IQAir Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier
    • Owner's and Installation Manual

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  • Specifications

    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size (sq. ft.)2500 sq. ft.
    Recommended ForAllergies, Asthma, General Air Quality
    Best Fit Ideal for allergy- and asthma-sufferers and those who want clean air throughout the home.
    Room Size (based on 4 Air Changes per Hour)
    • Complete 1,200 CFM System (3 Tons): 2250 sq. ft.
    • Complete 2,000 CFM System (5 Tons): 2500 sq. ft.
    Height21.25 in.
    • Complete 1,200 CFM System (3 Tons): 21.25 in.
    • Complete 2,000 CFM System (5 Tons): 25.25 in.
    • Complete 1,200 CFM System (3 Tons): 25.25 in.
    • Complete 2,000 CFM System (5 Tons): 29.25 in.
    • Complete 1,200 CFM System (3 Tons): 59 lbs.
    • Complete 2,000 CFM System (5 Tons): 74 lbs.
    Filtration SystemHEPA Filter, 4 MERV-16 ultrafine particle filters
    HEPA Filter Type4 MERV-16 ultrafine particle filters
    Number of Filters to Change4
    HEPA Filter3 years
    Other Filter3 years
    Number of Fan Speeds1
    Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM)
    • Complete 1,200 CFM System (3 Tons): 1200 CFM
    • Complete 2,000 CFM System (5 Tons): 2000 CFM
    Minimum Noise Level0 dB
    Maximum Noise Level0 dB
    Filter Change IndicatorNo
    Programmable TimerNo
    Remote ControlNo
    Maximum Wattage0 W
    Energy StarNo
    Ozone EmissionNone
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