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Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Starter Kit

Neti Pot by the Himalayan Institute

Model: TANP KC | SKU: hi1174
  • Discontinued - This item is not currently available to order.

  • Product Overview

    Sinus irrigation is a time-honored practice in many parts of the world. Using nothing but the soothing nature of warm water and salt, nasal flushing has been used for centuries to cleanse and heal the nasal passages and sinuses. Using the Neti Pot regularly can improve allergy symptoms, promote free breathing, and even relieve the common cold. In fact, many Neti Pot faithful choose to rinse their nasal passages daily as a means of achieving and maintaining optimal sinus health. Nasal irrigation is all-natural, inexpensive, and easy to do.

    Nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is your body's first line of defense against illness. As you breathe, this mucus traps dirt, dust, pollen, and a host of other impurities which will eventually make their way into your body. With regular sinus rinsing, you can remove these impurities and keep this area clean and healthy.

    How to Use the Neti Pot

    The Himalayan Institute Neti Pot is designed to achieve an easy and comfortable flow of water through your nostrils. Using the NetiPot and the proper saline solution is completely comfortable and will not burn your nose.

    The Neti Starter Kit has everything you need to begin. To start, mix 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of Neti Pot Salt. The Neti Pot Salt is pure, non-iodized, and finely ground for easy dissolving. If your tap water has an unpleasant odor, then bottled water is recommended. Neti Wash, an all-natural herbal serum, may also be added for additional sinus and immune support (more information below).

    Once your rise is prepared, you can begin your nasal rinse. The key to easy rinsing is in proper head position. If your head is rotated correctly, you will be able to breathe comfortably through your mouth while the saline drains from the lower nostril. Also, with proper positioning the rinse water should flow neatly into your sink or water basin.

    Full instructions on proper rinsing technique are included in the kit.

    When to Use the Neti Pot

    For some people, using the Neti Pot becomes as routine as brushing teeth. Often people discover that keeping sinuses clean and healthy is an effective means to combat allergies and ward off colds and illness. Others use the Neti Pot only when specifically needed -- for relief from a cold, for example. Specific purposes may include:

    • A nasal wash first thing in the morning to soothe and cleanse the nostrils and start the day breathing freely.
    • Washing several times a day during the peak of allergy season to rid the nostrils of pollens and allergens.
    • Washing to remove excess mucus during a cold and experience immediate relief.
    • Rinsing to dissolve mucus build-up in dry climates or in dry, heated rooms.
    • Use of the saline wash before practicing relaxation techniques to help you breathe freely.
    • Rinsing to relieve dry nasal passages after exposure to dust, smoke or other airborne contaminants.

    The Neti Pot Starter Kit

    This starter kit comes complete with everything you need to begin your nasal lavage:

    Netti Pot
    Ceramic Neti Pot -- The Himalayan Institute trademarked lotus design and shape makes rinsing easy and comfortable. Made with lead-free ceramic and glaze.
    Neti Salt
    Neti Pot Salt -- The perfect salt for use in your Neti Pot. This salt is 99.99% USP grade salt, the highest purity commercial available. It is non-iodized and contains no additives. The 10 oz. jar comes with a measuring spoon.
    Neti Wash
    Neti Wash Plus -- This serum contains zinc and herbal extracts that add anti-microbial and anti-viral support to your nasal wash. Zinc helps tone and astringe the nasal passages reducing excess mucus and promoting healthy sinuses. Studies show that Zinc can shorten the duration of a cold. (Ingredients: Zinc acetate dihydrate (USP), Goldenseal root, Phellodendron bark, Coptis root, Barberry root bark, Grapefruit seed extract, Vegetable glycerin and distilled water) 2 ounces.
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