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Beat The Heat And Humidity
June 2008 || Volume 1 - Issue 3

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Portable AC Buyers Guide
Humidity & Allergies
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Its summertime and the heat and humidity are both on the rise. In this issue of our newsletter, we have addressed ways for you to beat the heat and control the humidity levels in your indoor environment.

Read our article "Portable Air Conditioners Buyers Guide" to get help on choosing the right air conditioner for your needs. The "Dehumidifiers and Allergies" article explains how humidity affects your indoors and provides solutions on how to combat these problems.

Thank you for shopping with We hope we have provided you with solutions to keep your indoor environment healthy this summer.


Portable Air Conditioner Buyer's Guide
Portable AC

With the high heat levels and increasingly high energy cost, consumers are faced with the problem of keeping their indoor space cool while controlling their energy bill. Portable Air Conditioners are a great way to address both issues, but there are many things to consider when choosing the best portable air conditioner for your needs. We have compiled everything you need to know in our "Portable Air Conditioners Buyer's Guide”.

Humidity and Allergies
Dehumidifiers help with allergy symptoms

As the temperature rises, so does the humidity levels in your home. Too much moisture in your indoor space creates an environment that breeds bacteria, dust mites, and other harmful agents such as mold—all of which can trigger allergy attacks. Dehumidifiers are an excellent defense against many allergies because they control overly humid environments. Continue reading “Dehumidifiers and Allergies”.

Recommended Product

When it comes to controlling humidity, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are top of the line. The Santa Fe product line is the premium end of home and light commercial dehumidifiers and consistently ranked as one of the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers in the marketplace.