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Nilfisk GM810 & GM811 Vacuums

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  • Product Overview

    The Nilfisk GM 810 Vacuum and Nilfisk GM811 Vacuum are variations of Nilfisk's popular GM80 vacuum platform. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, the GM810 and GM811 feature a larger dry collection capacity of 4 gallons. Like the GM80 standard vacuum, both vacuum cleaners boast durable aluminum canisters, ultra-efficient multi-stage filtration, and a variety of cleaning attachments to help you clean your space with ease.

    Nilfisk GM810 Vacuum Package vs. Nilfisk GM811 Vacuum Package

    Both the GM810 and GM811 vacuum packages excel when used to clean in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical labs, and more. The Nilfisk GS/GM 811 Vacuum shares the same collection capacity and type of filtration as the Nilfisk GS/GM 810 Vacuum Cleaner. However, each package includes a unique accessory kit with varying attachments and components.

    Nilfisk GM810 Vacuum Package Components

    With a sturdy neoprene hose and a curved suction tube, the Nilfisk GM 810 Vacuum package (01695160) is designed for more effective spot cleaning in smaller, sensitive areas. Accessories in this package include:

    • HEPA/micro-filter assembly
    • 6.5-foot tapered neoprene rubber hose assembly
    • Curved steel suction tube
    • 5 disposable paper dust bags

    Nilfisk GM811 Vacuum Package Components

    The Nilfisk Advance GM811 Vacuum Package (01696139) includes traditional vacuum attachments—such as a floor tool, crevice nozzle, and dust brush—to tackle larger cleaning jobs. Additionally, the GM811 package features an added heavy-duty trolley for easier mobility around your space. Accessories in this package include:

    • HEPA/micro-filter assembly
    • 9.8-foot antistatic plastic hose
    • 2 antistatic cuffs plus an inlet coupler
    • Double-curved aluminum wand
    • Wheeled floor nozzle
    • Crevice nozzle
    • Dust brush
    • 5 disposable paper dust bags
    • Heavy-duty trolley

    Multi-Stage Filtration

    When you're vacuuming a sensitive environment, the last thing you want is to risk releasing harmful airborne particles and pollutants back into your space through the system's exhaust. That's why the Nilfisk GM810 and 811 vacuums are equipped with robust, four-stage filtration systems to ensure that your vacuum's exhaust—and your environment—remain clean. This four-stage system includes:

    • Filtering Dust Bag — Nilfisk synthetic dust bags collect most of the large dust particles and debris you encounter for simple disposal. Smaller particles, such as fine dust and allergens, move through the dust bag to be caught by the remaining filters.
    • Main Filter — This oversized filter maintains a steady, even airflow to prolong filter life and ensure optimal vacuum and filtration performance. The filter retains 99.8% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
    • Micro-Filter — Both the Nilfisk GM 810 and Nilfisk GM811 vacuums feature optional polyester micro-filters designed to protect the vacuum motor and filter out microscopic particles, such as bacteria. This filter is efficient in retaining 99.5% of particles greater than 0.2 microns in size and should be replaced when you notice a discoloration of the material.
    • HEPA Filter — As the final and most effective stage of filtration, these vacuums use HEPA filters to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which often include the most toxic and hazardous dusts in your environment.

    As an option, the Nilfisk GM810/811 Vacuum Cleaner can be upgraded to include an ULPA, or Ultra Low Penetration Air, filter. The tightly woven ULPA filter (sold separately) can filter 99.999% of particles as small as 0.12 microns in size and lasts approximately 1,000 hours, depending on use. This filter is especially beneficial for maintaining a clean, contaminant-free environment in cleanrooms and other sensitive spaces.

    Additional Features

    Both the Nilfisk GM811 and GM810 Industrial Vacuums include a number of features to ensure reliable and effective vacuuming for years to come.

    • Ball-Joint Attachment Couplings — Nilfisk vacuum attachments feature ball-joint couplings that allow 360 degrees of movement without damaging the hose or creating knots that reduce suction.
    • Thermal Motor Protection — Each vacuum features a motor thermal protection device that prevents overheating whether it's caused by a failure to properly maintain filters or an accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose.
    • Interference-Suppressed Motor — These Nilfisk industrial vacuums have interference-suppressed motors that will not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.
    • Large Carrying Handle — Easily tote the vacuum from space to space using the large, stable carrying handle.
    • 5 Dust Bags Included — A pack of five 4-gallon dust bags is included with each vacuum package.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    2-Year Warranty

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Product Data Sheet
    Includes feature and specification information for the Nilfisk Advance GM 810 and 811 Vacuum Packages.
    User Manual
    Includes setup and usage instructions, safety information, filter replacement instructions, and warranty info for the Nilfisk GM810/811 Vacuum Cleaners.
    Quick Fact Sheet Lead RRP
    Fact sheet covering the EPA's Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule and Nilfisk vacuum compliance.

    What's In The Box?

    • Nilfisk GM810 or GM811 Vacuum Cleaner
    • HEPA filter assembly with main filter and micro-filter
    • Accessory kit (contents depends on model)
    • Trolley (GM811 package only)
    • Pack of five 4-gallon disposable dust bags
    • User manual

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  • Specifications

    Vacuum StyleCanister
    Collection TypeBagged
    Floor Surface TypeBare Floors
    • GM-811 Package (mounted on trolley): 19.5 in.
    • GM-810 Package (no wheels): 25 in.
    • GM-811 Package (mounted on trolley): 13 in.
    • GM-810 Package (no wheels): 16.5 in.
    Depth21 in.
    • GM-811 Package (mounted on trolley): 11.25 lbs.
    • GM-810 Package (no wheels): 19.5 lbs.
    Cleaning Path12 in.
    Collection Capacity16 qt.
    Wet Capacity4 gallons
    AttachmentsCrevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Other, Wand
    Hose Length
    • GM-811 Package (mounted on trolley): 6.5 ft.
    • GM-810 Package (no wheels): 9.8 ft.
    Sealed Filtration System Yes
    HEPA FilterYes
    Odor FilterNo
    Brushroll On/OffNo
    Height Adjustment ControlNone
    Bag Change IndicatorNo
    Filter Change IndicatorNo
    Automatic Cord RewindNo
    Dirt SensorNo
    Max Noise Level59 dB
    Water Lift8.5 ft
    Cubic Feet Per Minute (Max)87 CFM
    Electrical Cord Length30 ft.
    Voltage110-120 V
    Watts1100 W
    Amperage8 Amps
    Safety CertificationsCE
    EPA RRP-CompliantYes
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