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Santa Fe Advance FAQs

Article Image: "Santa Fe Advance FAQs"

What makes this unit different from other Santa Fe units?

This Santa Fe Advance Dehumidifier differs from other Santa Fe dehumidifiers because of its unique design for crawl spaces or height-restricted places. This unit is powerful and can easily handle high-moisture loads.

Are these units energy-efficient?

Yes. In fact, these units are Energy Star-rated, meaning they are an energy-efficient choice that is good for your finances and for the environment. Products labeled ENERGY STAR have the special distinction of being high energy-saving appliances that don't sacrifice performance, style, or quality.

Furthermore, the Santa Fe line of units are the most energy-efficient units of all Energy Star-rated dehumidifiers. As such, these units will cost less to run per pint of water removed from the air than any other units on the market.

I see the unit’s capacity, but what does saturation mean versus AHAM?

Most off-the-shelf appliance-grade dehumidifiers rate their pint-per-day dehumidification capacities at saturation, meaning at 100% relative humidity. This gives a false perception of their true capacity to eliminate moisture. Most manufacturers print the results of their pints-per-day tests right on the box without stating that the unit's performance drops significantly at cooler temperatures, which are typically found in basements and crawl spaces, and at more realistic humidity levels. With the Sante Fe Advance, you can be confident that it is able to remove 90 pints of water at AHAM and 180 pints at saturation per day.

How loud is this unit?

This unit is designed for crawl space areas. It is not considered a loud unit given its capacity and is typically inaudible outside of the space it is put into.

Can I duct this unit?

Yes. However, this is only done with large oddly shaped crawl spaces that need the additional circulation ducting would provide. It is not recommended to try and connect a remote humidistat to this unit, which one would need if hiding the unit in a closet or some other ducted application.

Why should I pay more for a unit that appears to be different only in its looks and stated capacity? Shouldn’t I just get multiple cheaper units to save money?

The reason for investing in a Santa Fe is simple: other units just aren’t as equipped to handle large moisture loads like the Santa Fe Advance.

Santa Fe units are simply the best residential dehumidifiers on the market. They have justifiably earned the reputation of being the hardest-working and the longest-lasting units in their field. Rest assured, buying a Santa Fe Advance will result in worry-free results, lower operating costs, and better overall dehumidification. Plus, these units are made in America and backed by a lengthy warranty.

Can this unit handle low temperatures?

The Santa Fe Advance system is designed to run efficiently in temperatures between 56 degrees F and 95 degrees F, which typically includes lower temperatures found in basements and crawl spaces. Almost 99% of the time, these units can conquer any humidity problem without concern for the temperature. This is true because in most areas of the country, as the temperature drops, so does the absolute humidity level. However, if you live by a large body of water, such as oceanside or near a lake, or in a low-level setting where water collects, then we recommend you call us 1-800-934-9194 for a specific consultation.

How large a space can this unit handle?

This unit is officially rated at 2,000 square feet. However, when it comes to large spaces, it's best to get a consultation on your specific environment. Call our product experts at 1-800-934-9194 for a free recommendation.

Will I have to empty water buckets with this unit?

No. You can set the unit up with the included gravity hose and have it drain to an appropriate location. However, if using the gravity drain isn’t an option for eliminating the collected water, a condensation pump kit is available. The condensate pump will allow you to place the drain hose up and out a window, through a drill hole, or around a doorway to your yard or garden. The pumps are energy-efficient as well and work with a flow switch that allows the pump only to run when needed.

Why choose a Santa Fe?

If you have a space larger than 1,000 square feet that you need to dehumidify, then choosing a Santa Fe dehumidifier is your best option. Other residential dehumidifiers simply cannot handle the work load of a space that large. If you choose a smaller unit, even by buying multiple units for the same space, the units will run constantly, which will wear them out quicker and, ultimately, cause you to have to replace them. An upfront investment in a high-quality Santa Fe means you can set it up, turn it on, and forget about it. It will dehumidify your space worry-free. No other unit on the market compares.

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