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Santa Fe RX Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Article Image: "Santa Fe RX Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)"

What makes the Santa Fe Rx different from other Santa Fe dehumidifiers?

Created with the same workhorse technology, the Santa Fe Rx Dehumidifier differs from other models in the Santa Fe line mostly in its looks. It comes in a stylish finished white housing with a sturdy metal top and smooth cabinet design. You can use the unit “as is” in their finished basement or living room. You can also decorate the cabinet with paint, paneling, or wallpaper. With such a small pleasant physical profile, you can easily set the unit up wherever you need. Besides finishing basements and living rooms, these units are also used in studios, galleries, libraries, offices, and any place where stylish dehumidification is needed. Along with the difference in design, the Rx is the only model in Santa Fe's dehumidifier collection that features an internal condensate pump. 

How large of an area can it cover?

Under standard conditions, this unit can cover as much as 2,200 square feet.

Will I need an external condensate pump?

No. This unit comes with a built-in condensate pump to eliminate water from the unit.

Can it handle large moisture loads?

Yes. It can remove 74 pints of water per day at AHAM, which is up to 5 times more than residential dehumidifiers.

What temperature does the Rx operate in?

This unit has a built-in defrost system that is designed for operation down to 60 degrees F.

Can I duct this unit?

No. Because of its design and finished housing, the Santa Fe Rx is not ductable. If you are looking for an upright unit that is ductable, consider the Santa Fe Classic, which can easily be configured to suit many applications.

Can this unit be upgraded to purify my air too?

Although this unit has an air filter for the removal of large particles, it is further upgradeable so that you can purify your air and get rid of airborne allergens and other pollution particles. By adding HEPA filtration, you can filter out 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometers or larger. There is also the option for activated carbon filtration as well. Carbon is excellent at removing odors and chemicals from your home.

How loud is it?

This unit was designed to be used in finished spaces. As such, it is much quieter than other units of similar capacity.

Is this dehumidifier energy efficient?

Yes. In fact, the Santa Fe Rx is Energy Star-rated, meaning it is an energy-efficient choice that is good for your finances and for the environment. Products that carry the Energy Star seal have the special distinction of being high energy-saving appliances that don't sacrifice performance, style, or quality. Furthermore, the Santa Fe line of dehumidifiers are the most energy efficient units of all Energy Star-rated dehumidifiers. As such, these units will cost less to run per pint of water removed from the air than any other units on the market

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