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Skuttle 2002 Flow-Through Humidifier

Model: 2002 | SKU: sk3422
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Price: $219.95
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  • Product Overview

    Moisture-sapped spaces and dry air symptoms can leave you feeling uncomfortable during the chilly fall and winter months. While portable humidifiers provide relief, they're usually only temporary solutions for small areas. The Skuttle 2002 Flow-Through Humidifier is a better choice for dry air relief that extends to your entire home and lasts all winter long. This fan-powered flow-through humidifier works with your furnace to distribute comfortable soothing moisture to all the rooms of your home. Plus, its low-energy and space-saving design keeps it out of the way and friendlier to your pocketbook.

    How It Works

    Skuttle furnace humidifiers are designed to mimic nature's process of warm air evaporation. In nature, warm air passes over a thin layer of water spread over a large area. This causes the water to evaporate and raise the level of humidity in the surrounding area. The Skuttle 2002 mimics this process using a porous evaporator pad. Warm air from your furnace passes over the evaporator pad, which dispenses water evenly in front of the warm air stream. As the water evaporates, the humidifier's internal fan circulates and distributes the humidified air throughout your home. This free-flowing design prevents standing water, which helps eliminate mineral build-up from hard water and ensures easy, worry-free operation.

    Easy Humidistat Control

    The Skuttle 2002 Flow-Through Humidifier is controlled by an external humidistat that aims to keep your home's humidity at a comfortable 30 to 45 percent. This level is ideal for dry air relief during the colder months as well as helping to protect your home's infrastructure from damage due to low humidity.  Mount the humidistat on the cold air return of your furnace or an interior wall of your home. You can use the manual knob control to set your desired humidity level. When your home's air is drier than the set humidity level, the humidistat activates the humidifier.

    Coverage Area

    The Skuttle 2002 Humidifier can humidify homes up to 4,524 square feet, depending on your home's insulation level. Use the guidelines below to determine whether or not this model will work for your home.

    Maximum Home Size Tight House Average House Loose House
    Total Square Feet 4,524 sq. ft. 2,879 sq. ft. 2,065 sq. ft.
    Total Cubic Feet 36,190 cu. ft. 23,030 cu. ft. 16,522 cu. ft.
    • Tight House - Tight houses have insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, weather stripping on doors and windows, snug doors, snug windows, and a fireplace damper. One-half air change per hour. 
    • Average House - Average houses have insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, loose doors, loose windows, and a fireplace damper. One air change per hour.
    • Loose House - Loose houses have no insulation, storm doors, storm windows, weather stripping, or vapor barriers. Two air changes per hour.

    Additional Features

    • Output Per Day - The Skuttle 2002 outputs 19 gallons of comfortable moisture per day.
    • Compact and Low Profile - The 2002's compact width and low-profile design is ideal for narrower ductwork. This unit can fit plenums as narrow as 14 inches.
    • No Bypass Duct Connection Needed - This model works well in installations where the return air plenum is not easily accessible.
    • Low Energy - Electrical consumption is about the same as a 25-watt light bulb.
    • Rust-Proof Cabinet - The humidifier features a sturdy thermoplastic cabinet that resists rust, corrosion, and warping.
    • Easy Maintenance - Flow-through humidifiers are the easiest of all whole house humidifiers to maintain. They usually need 1 thorough cleaning per year, unless your water is very hard.
    • No Impurities - As water is evaporated, common impurities, bacteria, and other pollutants are left behind, creating clean humidity.


    The Skuttle 2002 Fan-Powered Flow-Through Humidifier provides soothing moisture to all the rooms of your home and is an energy-efficient choice for indoor comfort all winter long.

    What Customers Love

    • Low Maintenance - In most cases, you'll only need to clean this humidifier once a year to keep it running optimally.
    • Lowers Heating Costs Too - Keeping your home's humidity at an optimal level can actually lower your winter heating costs since you feel warmer in a humidified environment.

    Things To Consider

    • Consider Your Home's Size and Insulation Level - The coverage area of this humidifier depends on your home's insulation level. Consult the Coverage Area guidelines above to accurately estimate how well this humidifier will treat your home. 
    • Professional Installation - Skuttle recommends that its furnace humidifiers be installed by a professional HVAC technician.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    1-Year-Limited Warranty

    What's In The Box?

    • Skuttle 2002 Fan-Powered Flow-Through Humidifier
    • Self-Piercing Saddle Valve
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Mounting Template
    • Manual Humidistat
    • User Manual and Installation Instructions

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  • Specifications

    Humidifier TechnologyEvaporative
    Type of HumidifierCool Mist
    Coverage Area4524 sq. ft.
    Ideal ForWhole House
    Height13.75 in.
    Width18.625 in.
    Depth9.625 in.
    Moisture Output Per Day19 gallons
    Water Refill IndicatorNo
    Humidistat Yes
    Humidity DisplayNo
    Mist Output ControlYes
    Programmable TimerNo
    Wick FilterYes
    Frequency of Filter ReplacementsReplace every 6 months or more frequently if you have hard water
    Air FiltrationNo
    Germ ProtectionNo
    Demineralization CartridgeNo
    Medicine CupNo
    Automatic Safety ShutoffNo
    Voltage110-120 V
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