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Vacuums and Allergies

Many people would be surprised if you offered them a vacuum cleaner to help relieve their allergies. And yet, when you think about it, it's actually pretty logical. Vacuums regularly suction up dirt, debris, and other pollutants that you don't want lingering in your home. As with allergies, you want to get rid of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Therefore, investing in a high-quality vacuum is often just as important as using over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications and making lifestyle changes to improve allergy symptoms. Today's vacuums aren't like their older counterparts. They are modernized, offering advanced technology that has made the process of ridding your home of dirt, dust, and allergen pollutants easier, more effective, and much longer-lasting.

Leave Allergies in the Dust

Allergy triggers vary from person to person and can change with the seasons or with your environmental factors. Some people develop new allergies, and a lucky few overcome existing allergies. Regardless of the exact pollutant you are allergic to, allergen triggers are found throughout many homes and they collect rapidly from day to day. That's why vacuuming is a crucial part of controlling your allergy symptoms. With the right tools, you can win the battle against your symptoms and keep your home allergen-free.

Allergy Vacuum Components

If you suffer from allergies and you're looking for the ideal vacuum to help control your symptoms, consider vacuums that feature the following:

  • HEPA Filtration: A vacuum with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration will capture both large and small particles, collecting 99.97% of pollutants sized 0.3 microns and larger. Most allergen triggers are minuscule - like pollen and dust mites - and it is crucial to have a filtration system that can filter out these impurities and prevent them from being exhausted back into your space.
  • Sealed Design: It isn't enough to have a system with HEPA filtration. You should also seek out a vacuum cleaner that features an airtight, or sealed, collection chamber. This feature is particularly beneficial to allergy-sufferers because without a sealed collection and filtration system, dust and allergens can often leak back into your environment through open seams in the vacuum's construction.

  • Dust Bags: A vacuum with a dust bag is ideal for allergy-sufferers because a bag traps debris and pollutants permanently as opposed to a reusable dust container that exposes you to the collected debris each time you empty it. Vacuum bags also serve as an initial stage of air filtration, filtering out large particles and allergens before they reach the exhaust filter. Dust bags can be thrown away easily, with no mess and no risk of exposure to the pollutants. When using a bagged vacuum cleaner, remember to replace dust bags regularly to maintain the vacuum's suction.

As part of an effective strategy to manage and relieve allergies, we recommend vacuuming with a Miele vacuum. Miele vacuum cleaners, such as the Miele S5281 Libra Canister Vacuum and Miele Jazz Vacuum, feature HEPA filtration, completely sealed designs, and self-sealing dust bags the close automatically, permanently locking away debris.

Where to Vacuum to Combat Allergens

There are many areas in your home where a high-quality vacuum can work wonders to remove allergens and in turn, lessen the severity of your allergy symptoms.

  • Carpets/Rugs: Carpets and rugs are not ideal if you have severe allergies. However, they can be dealt with using a vacuum. Make sure you choose a vacuum that features a beater brush, will weave through the fibers of your carpet, providing a more thorough clean.
  • Hard Floors: Vacuums are excellent for hard floors. Allergy-sufferers usually prefer hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring because these types of flooring are less likely to trap pollutants. Hard floors need to be cleaned regularly, as pollutants can quickly settle on the surfaces and easily be kicked up with foot traffic, sweeping, or pet activity.
  • Furniture/Drapes: If you have upholstered furniture or drapes, your vacuum can help to keep these items allergy-free. Choose a vacuum with attachments designed for these surfaces or one that has adjustable suction settings that will not overpower your fabric. Upholstery and drapes should not be neglected because they absorb many pollutants and are rarely deep-cleaned. In addition, consider vacuuming your mattress if you don't already use allergy bedding.
  • Pet Areas: It's important to vacuum behind your furry friends. Pet dander and pet hair are big issues for allergy-sufferers, so the less of it that lingers around, the better. It's best to avoid having pets on the furniture and bed, but if that isn't possible, vacuum regularly to avoid dander and hair build-up.
  • Wet Areas: If you find yourself with water-soaked areas, such as water-damaged carpets, you should address this problem quickly since it poses a serious threat if you have allergy symptoms. Wet areas are breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and other bacteria. Using a wet/dry vacuum to clean water-soaked areas is an excellent strategy for preventing an allergen outbreak.


Additional Vacuum Recommendations

Sylvane offers some of the best vacuums available to clean your environment and help relieve your allergy symptoms. You can feel confident in your choice because these vacuums are backed by advanced research and testing to ensure that they provide the best cleaning and filtration results. Along with Miele vacuums, consider one of these quality HEPA vacuums to help address allergens:


Still Have Questions?

For more information on choosing a vacuum, read our Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide and visit our Knowledge Center. Not sure what's best for you? We can take the guess work out of decision-making. Contact our product experts toll free at 1 (800) 934-9194 for a free consultation and product recommendation. Our goal is to help you create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

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