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Winix Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions

Article Image: "Winix Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions"

Known for their sleek designs, high-efficiency operation, and user-friendly controls—Winix dehumidifiers are among the most popular residential dehumidifiers on the market. These compact units are excellent solutions for curbing and preventing moisture damage around the house, from musty basements to damp laundry rooms and clammy bedrooms. If you're considering purchasing a Winix dehumidifier for your home, take a moment and review our most frequently asked questions about these products.

Q: How do Winix dehumidifiers work?

A: Like most portable dehumidifiers, Winix units operate by pulling humid air inside the system through an inlet grille. Next, the unit dehumidifies the air by rapidly cooling it and causing moisture to condense into the condensate bucket. The air is then reheated and pushed back into your environment through an outlet grille. This cycle continues until the humidity in your space is reduced to your desired level.

Q: How do I remove collected water from a Winix dehumidifier?

A: Winix dehumidifiers provide the advantage of three drainage options. Both the Winix 50-Pint Dehumidifier and the Winix 70-Pint Dehumidifier are equipped with internal condensate pumps. This feature allows the dehumidifier to automatically pump out collected condensate to another receptacle or area, such as a garden. For convenience, 18 feet of drain tubing is included with each unit.

As a second drainage option, Winix dehumidifiers can be gravity-drained by attaching a drainage hose (not included with the units) to the system's drain connector. This prompts collected water to continuously drain out of the hose to another area using the force of gravity. As a third option, the dehumidifiers can be emptied manually by removing the water bucket, emptying, and replacing. For convenience, a full bucket indicator light lets you know when it's time to empty the water bucket.

Q: Are Winix dehumidifiers AHAM-certified?

A: Yes. All Winix dehumidifier models are tested and certified independently by the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). AHAM verifies and confirms the moisture removal capacities stated by dehumidifier manufacturers. The organization does this by testing dehumidifier operation under a uniform set of conditions to measure moisture removal in a 24-hour period. These conditions are 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 60% relative humidity. Both the Winix WDH851 and WDH871 have AHAM-certified capacities of 50 pints and 70 pints, respectively.

Q: Can a Winix dehumidifier operate in low temperatures?

A: Yes. Winix dehumidifiers are capable of operating effectively in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them suitable for continuous use in chilly basements and other spaces that may experience steep drops in temperature. Each dehumidifier is also equipped with an automatic defrost system, which senses frost buildup on internal components and turns the compressor off for protection until the frost has melted.

Q: Can Winix dehumidifiers control your humidity automatically?

A: Yes. Each Winix dehumidifier features an automatic mode that maintains a pre-set humidity level. To operate, use the electronic pushbutton control panel to set your desired humidity level from 35 to 70% and activate auto mode. The dehumidifier will then cycle on and off to maintain the set humidity. This feature boosts convenience and helps reduce your energy costs by curbing unnecessary operation.

Q: Do Winix dehumidifier fans run continuously during operation?

A: No. A Winix dehumidifier fan runs only when the unit is dehumidifying your air. This is an advantage because it reduces the energy consumed by the machine as well as lowers the unit's noise level at certain intervals.

Q: What is the real benefit of Winix's antimicrobial technology?

A: Winix dehumidifier collection buckets are treated with Microban antimicrobial protection. This technology inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and germs on the bucket surface. This reduces your exposure to these germs and prevents unpleasant odors from developing inside the dehumidifier.

Q: How loud is a Winix dehumidifier?

A: Because they are equipped with compressors and fans, Winix dehumidifiers do produce some sound during operation. Note that it is practically impossible to find a silent dehumidifier because each system needs to create enough energy to pull in humid air and push out dehumidified air. With that said, both Winix dehumidifiers generate about 55 decibels of sound on the highest setting. This is comparable to hearing a television or radio on low volume from about 3 feet away.

When considering the sound produced by dehumidifiers and other appliances, it's important to remember that sound is relative. Sound level depends on your distance from the source as well as your sensitivity to certain sounds. Most of our customers liken the noise created by a dehumidifier to white noise that eventually fades into the background.

Q: What is the benefit of using R-410A refrigerant in Winix dehumidifiers?

A: All Winix dehumidifiers use the new standard R-410A refrigerant. Unlike the previously common R-22 refrigerant, the eco-friendly R-410A does not contribute to ozone depletion because it contains no chlorine. Dehumidifiers that use R-410A refrigerant are also known to be quieter, more reliable, and to have longer operating lives.

Q: Are Winix dehumidifiers Energy Star-qualified?

A: Yes. All Winix dehumidifiers are qualified under the Energy Star program for efficient, money-saving operation. Energy Star dehumidifiers use 15% less energy to dehumidify a similar-sized space as comparable non-Energy Star models. Additionally, dehumidifiers that carry the Energy Star seal are built with more efficient internal components, including compressors, fans, and refrigerator coils.

Q: What type of warranty does Winix provide with its dehumidifiers?

A: Winix offers a 1-year limited warranty on it dehumidifiers as well as a 5-year limited warranty on the sealed refrigeration system. In addition, a 1-year replacement extended warranty through ServicePro is available for purchase on both Winix models.

Still Have Questions?

For more information about Winix dehumidifiers, visit our Winix brand center and browse our dehumidifier articles in our Knowledge Center. Not sure what's best for you? We can take the guesswork out of decision-making. Contact our product experts toll free at 1 (800) 934-9194 for a free product consultation and recommendation. We want to help you make your indoor environment a healthy one.

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